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Argumentative essay smoking writing a research concept paper

Argumentative essay smoking


They also used it for medicinal purposes in healing of wounds. Many people smoke cigarettes to lighten up and enhance their concentration at places of work. This essay will discuss why smoking of cigarettes should be banned from the society. Smoking cigarettes helps people to relax and get better concentration. Mental illness symptoms such as anxiety and Schizophrenia are alleviated by smoking Russo, ; this has been medically proven. Smoking cigarettes helps in socialization as it sets the mood of a smoker into being jovial.

Governments obtain huge amount of money from cigarette manufacturing industries in form of taxes. These industries also create employment opportunities for many people. Banning of cigarette smoking would mean loss of thousands of jobs as well as revenue for the government Fix, n. Smoking cigarettes helps in weight management due to the reduced appetite induced in the body by cigarettes.

Therefore, smoking is a good and effective weight loss aid Auctions, Smoking cigarettes is one of the major causes of deaths. About , people die out of cigarette smoking related illnesses in the U. Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals; it was found that cigarettes have more than 4, chemicals. Most of these components are known to cause cancer.

Smoking is known to cause lung cancer, bladder cancer, stomach Cancer, kidney cancer, cancer of oral cavity and cancer of the cervix. Ammonia, Tar and Carbon Monoxide are found in cigarettes and are very harmful to human body Society, Cigarette smoking has great effects on reproductive health. It is known to cause infertility, still births, low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. In addition, it affects the bones by reducing their densities.

Hip fractures in female cigarette smokers are higher than in female non smokers CDC, Banning of cigarette smoking would come with many benefits. Health benefits of stopping to smoke are more than the emotional or psychological comfort that are brought by smoking. Banning cigarette smoking would be of great benefit to the young people. Those in their thirties, in terms of age in years, would still benefit from the reduced risks caused by cigarettes.

Old people who would wish stop smoking cigarettes would not be late to do so. Banning of cigarette smoking will be beneficial to all smokers regardless of their age Society, Many cigarette smokers are at higher risk of being infected with different types of cancer.

Smoking induces stress. A research in London showed that a group of people who stopped smoking had reduced stress than those who had continued to smoke after one year; this was because those who continued to smoke greatly depended on cigarettes. Banning of cigarette smoking would therefore reduce stress levels in people. Peer groups will be made of non smokers.

People will look for other ways to cope with stress and anxiety other than smoking. Majority of these people ailed from more than one of the diseases caused by cigarette smoking Society, The quality of life led by cigarette smokers is lowered. Furthermore, their quality of work is decreased because they might not attend to their duties regularly in extreme cases of being affected by ailments caused by cigarettes Society, Banning of cigarette smoking would eliminate exposure of the human body to harmful substances.

Tar is carcinogenic. Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarette that causes mental and emotional dependence on cigarettes Society, Nicotine also elevates cholesterol levels in the body. Carbon Monoxide takes oxygen from the body of the user and this may cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder Netdoctor, Banning of cigarette smoking will reduce the above risks which are the main causes of poor health in cigarette smokers. The ad itself is really a depiction of what smoking really does to you.

Many people may think smoking is trendy, but the reality is that smoking cigarettes is actually killing you. Cigarettes are one of the top substances that people are addicted to, along with alcohol and drugs. It causes users to go into debt as people waste all of their savings on something that has the power to kill them. Often, people let this information go in through one ear and out the other and ignore these consequences and still choose to use tobacco.

Considering the effects of tobacco, tobacco should become illegal, as it would result in a healthier America. About 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily- or 10 million…. Increasing tobacco bans would help reduce secondhand smoke, encourage people…. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Public Smoking Cigarettes Since tobacco smoking is legal in most nations to citizens aged 18 and above, nations ought to let citizens enjoy the freedom they have instead of making their lives miserable for consuming something that is legal.

Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 2. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 7. Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned Essay In consideration of the damage of tobacco use, government bans tobacco advertising to prevent it. Smoking Informative Essay Statistics show that in the US, an estimated , people die from smoking. Why Tobacco Should Be Illegal It causes users to go into debt as people waste all of their savings on something that has the power to kill them. Related Topics.

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