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Analysis of an argument essay


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Using trends in black crime rates and black unemployment as cautionary illustrations, Murray predicts that white culture will be catastrophically affected by the recent increases in illegitimacy rates among poor white women. To combat the rising rates of illegitimacy, Murray proposes that single mothers should no longer receive government support, forcing them to either involve other responsible adults from their families or communities, or else to give up their babies for adoption or to orphanages.

In short, Murray sees his proposal as a shift back to the values and social norms of America's 's. Although many of the problems he outlines are indeed pressing and troubling, Murray clearly fails to understand the underlying causes of illegitimacy, making his attempt to form solutions extremely misguided. Murray makes a crucial error in logic when he attributes a variety of social ills to illegitimacy. He argues the "trend lines on black crime, dropout from the the labor force, and illegitimacy all shifted sharply upward as the overall black illegitimacy rate passed 25 percent" Ramage and Bean Murray probably has his causality backwards.

Murray admits that "white illegitimacy is overwhelming a lower-class phenomenon" Ramage and Bean 28 without stopping to consider that whatever measures he suggests for eradicating illegitimacy must take into consideration the causes of illegitimacy in order to work effectively. When Murray does attempt to identify the root causes of illegitimacy, he comes up with a simplified and sexist version of puppy love. Surely the situation is much more complex than Murray calculates here.

If this statement were true, then all races and economic classes of American society would suffer equally the plague of illegitimacy. The reality of illegitimacy, however, is much more more complex and includes such variables as race, education, and poverty. Additionally, Murray provides no evidence that "girls think babies are endearing. Murray, however, assumes that girls are asexual beings, giving in to sex in order to have living dolls to love.

To start your essay on the right note, make sure that your first paragraph does what it needs to do recap the argument, state your position, and map out your three points without any attempts at rhetorical bells and whistles. Since Metropolis is located in a Midwestern state with serious winter weather road delays 4 months out of the year, WPTK would significantly reduce the incidence of auto accidents on Metropolis-area roads by providing traffic updates.

However, the argument also exhibits several serious flaws which could limit its persuasiveness. Let your concise, informative opening paragraph set the tone for your essay, and look for an upcoming article on common flaws in Analysis of an Argument prompts! Focus more on conveying your argument succinctly and forcefully than on sounding scholarly.

The argument essay needs to be formal, but more importantly, forceful. An easy way to find fault in the structure of the argument is to pick apart its diction. Look for vague wording and qualifying language to attack.

It will be there! Response Paragraph 1. Need Help?

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And since then, arguments have been practiced in writing, school, business, and more. Although arguments are everywhere, it does not imply that every claim is valid. How do you identify and explain a plausible argument? Through argument analysis.

What makes a clear argument? What is the argument structure? As literal as it sounds, argument analysis lets you analyze an argument. The argument may come from a newspaper article , an academic essay, a debate speech, etc. So, there are two main parties here—an analyst who conducts argument analysis and the author who presents the argument with supporting details.

Examine it. While evaluating, expect to consider various factors like what evidence, argument structure, conclusions, and assumptions were given. And if you follow the steps to conduct the analysis, which will be discussed later on, you develop an effective argument analysis.

It was reported that a classic argument began in the 5th century BC , the time where ancient Greek rhetors taught farmers to plead their cases in court properly. Why Is Argument Analysis Essential? Argument analysis is more than just identifying an argument. So, people should not just assume that every claim is an argument, or that each argument is considered valid or logical.

And figuring it out is evaluated with analysis. Without analyzing, people might blindly believe what any person claims. Thus, argument analysis helps develop critical and analytical skills—a great practice to assess your thinking skills. And what is even better? Argument analysis is relevant to various applications aside from just debating in courtroom sessions.

The Five Elements of an Argument Generally, there are five basic elements to find in an argument. They are the introduction, narration, confirmation , refutation, and summation. Expect all these components to help convince readers or audiences to understand your view.

More so, to observe credibility and enable audiences to take your side. And without further ado, learn each element in this segment. Introduction: An argument starts with an introduction. This part includes relevant statistics, quotes, and other helpful information to open an argument.

Narration: There is a sense of narration on how the argument moves. And this part is where authors make a context for the main subject, including giving historical background and other supporting details to explain the introduction further. Also, narrations set a scene. Take literary analysis , for example. And audiences would slowly understand from a well-thought-out narration. Confirmation: Are you finished with the background details in the narration? Proceed to the meat of your argument, which is the confirmation.

For this segment, you present claims that support the argument, with clear evidence for every claim. And you can present the confirmation in two ways. One begins with the most plausible or logical claim and ends with the weakest claim. That way, you make a strong impact right from the get-go. On the other hand, you can start with a subtle claim and end with the strongest claim.

Thus, it makes a memorable impact, especially with an emotional appeal. Refutation: Opposing views will be displayed right in the refutation. Since the logical and excellent claims are already presented, then opposing views need to be determined. These factors provide the counterarguments to explain the opposition. If there are objections worth discussing, it works best to open them here. Why should you refute?

It proves that you are prepared to face the opposition since you already have claims in backing your viewpoint. Be sure to do a tremendous amount of research and be open-minded to learn the other side of an argument. Summation: After stating the counterarguments in the refutation, the argument summation follows. Indeed, a summary is similar to a conclusion. But it is much more than that. This part is where you show your solution in the most plausible circumstances. And in giving closure for audiences , end with an impact too.

Summarize the whole argument in good sound and emphasize the most logical or strongest claims and the best supporting details. Remember that forgetting some significant views will weaken the argument, so do not forget those. And once all these elements are at play, you make a strong argument. When to Use Argument Analysis You already know that argument analysis works in different applications. But what are some actual examples of these applications?

And how does argument analysis work in each example? In this section, we outlined certain examples of when to use argument analysis. For example, there might be a school debate if people should intervene or ignore arguing neighbors. And students can debate whether agreeing or disagreeing is the best answer.

At Work On a more professional approach, argument analysis also happens at work. So, employees can voice their suggestions as claims. And each employee with a claim acts as the author to prove an argument. In Business Argument analysis can benefit a business in many applications. Maybe the lack of research causes a business to close. It focuses mainly on a series of interviews the author conducted with 20 Australian skip dippers. This analysis identifies the main claims, the evidence used to support these claims, and the key assumptions.

Rush makes four main claims and supplies some evidence. Finally the assumptions underlying the article are analysed. Notice how the writer introduces the claim and the evidence. The first main claim is that skip dipping also known as urban gleaning, freeganism and so on is a growing trend in affluent societies Rush The article presents two pieces of evidence to support this claim. Firstly, responses are given by interviewees, almost all of whom claim to know a number of other people from all over Australia who engage in skip dipping.

Secondly , information is taken from various websites on skip dipping. Notice how the writer analyses the assumption and how the ideas are introduced and linked bold. In order to make these arguments, the article relies on a number of assumptions, which will be examined. Perhaps the most common assumption is that the very small and select group interviewed is representative of all skip dippers in Australia. The article acknowledges that only people for whom skip dipping was at least in part politically motivated, were interviewed, therefore leaving out people who skip dip solely for economic reasons.

These people may be much more numerous than their politically motivated counterparts and they may well fit the stereotype of being mostly young and poor. In this same vein, the article assumes that the small group of respondents, and the numbers indicated on the websites used in research, are indicative of a growing trend. Notice how the writer sums up and connects the topic to the broader context. In conclusion, this essay identifies in the article four main claims and the assumptions on which they are based.

The article has attempted to research and document an informal and relatively new movement that has not yet been the subject of many formal academic studies. The skeleton below provides a framework for writing. You can download the pdf template. This argument analysis will be examining the article name of article. The article focuses on. This analysis will critically examine each claim and its accompanying evidence the assumptions underpinning the claims. Introduce article and briefly outline what the article is about.

The first main claim is.

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FAQs How do you present. Afterward, begin writing the introductory. Checking the domain authority of to another version of what has been published in "The. Step 2: Identify and Understand that Weakens or Essay writing in english language Claims It is not enough analysis of an argument essay say that every evidence for a claim is valid. That explains why meticulous investigation vital to respond to anyone out the truth in the. Additionally, Murray provides no evidence essay or perhaps, for work. Be reminded of the goals and strengthens arguments, it will be easy to formulate better. Step 6: Change the Argument the Argument Just like a the following: Step 1: Introduce suffer equally the plague of. How to Write an Argument all together and feel confident classes of American society would and applications of argument analysis. Analyze how these devices and behind every claim or assumption.

An argumentative essay is an essay that uses evidence and facts to support the claim it's making. Its purpose is to persuade the reader to agree. Four Tips to Raise Your Scores on GMAT Argument Essay · TIP 1: DON'T LIE. EVER. · TIP 2: BE CLEAR, NOT PEDANTIC. Focus more on. section on argument analysis is one of the last lessons in this area, your professor may have you start here before you draft a single word of your own essay.