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Community college essay


Although all community service essays ultimately have the same purpose of having you describe your local service activities, they can come with different types of prompts. Below are three sample prompts. Note the differences in topic specificity, length requirements, and breadth of the prompt. Please describe a meaningful volunteer or community service experience, including what you learned from participating. From the University of California Application :.

What have you done to make your school or your community a better place? Describe your outstanding achievement in depth and provide the specific planning, training, goals, and steps taken to make the accomplishment successful. Include details about your role and highlight leadership you provided. Your essay must be a minimum of words but not more than words. Once you have an understanding of what is required of the specific you are to write, the next step is to brainstorm ideas for a specific topic.

If you have various community-engaged service experiences under your belt, consider the following before you finalize your decision. Are substantial in length and scope. Are transformative or inspiring. The ideal community service essay topic should be an experience that changed or challenged your perspective, and was ultimately fulfilling. Illustrate personal qualities or passions that you want to highlight.

Given the specific prompt, and taking the rest of your application into consideration, which personal interests do you want to highlight? Which activity illuminates the personal quality that you want to bring attention to? These are all elements to consider before you begin writing your essay. You can start with a line about a particularly busy afternoon at the orphanage, or a morning cleaning up the streets after a storm, or the sense of accomplishment you felt when you watched a dog under your care at the animal shelter get adopted.

Opt for evocative examples over plain explaining whenever possible. There were countless pizza crusts, globs of green beans, and unopened cartons of milk. We get a peek into their perspective and life, which makes the writing more vivid and relatable. Aim to bring your reader into your world as much as possible. The more tangible your community service activities feel to the reader, the more powerful your essay will be. Concretize your work by stating the basic details of what kind of work you did and what your duties involved, where it was based, when you began working, and the amount of time you spent working.

Why was it important? Be specific and detailed. What majors? Are there specific faculty members with which you might want to work? What research opportunities does the school provide? After you determine the answers to these questions, you have the first piece of the essay, and can then add in the second: how does the school fill your specific needs?

The point of this essay is to be specific about why that program, in particular, would be a great fit for you because of your unique interests, talents, and abilities. The more specific you are when writing this essay, the more likely the school will agree with your assessment. You can — and should — also mention non-academic factors, but they should not be the core of the essay.

Berkeley and Brown both have strong programs, but are very different schools; Brown is a small, private college with no core curriculum in the Ivy League, while Berkely is on the opposite coast, a large public institution, with a strong athletic tradition; there are myriad factors to consider outside of academics.

You do not have to mention all of them, but again, determine what matters to you, and describe how the school fills those desires. Because, most schools have similar programs or opportunities that overlap; thus, you can simply find each school-specific opportunities and fill them in accordingly.

This is especially true if the programs and opportunities between schools are similar. Neither of these is a full essay, but each represents a central theme, which an essay may be built around. While there is nothing wrong with desiring wealth or success, there is also nothing terribly interesting or unique about them.

Wanting to be rich for the sake of wealth alone is boring, and the last thing a college essay should be is dull. This essay requires introspection. What led you to desire what you want to do? What were the formative events that caused you to want to enter a certain field, or study a particular topic? Why is your involvement important to you? How has it shaped you?

You may define community however you like. This is an essay you need to only write once, and then edit to meet specific word counts or details as prompts require. So, what counts as a community anyway? Basically, any grouping of people you are a member of can be considered a community.

For a community essay, describe how you impacted a community, and how it impacted you. Did founding a chess club, for example, teach you the joy of mentoring others to success? Or, perhaps, did being a part of a minority group give you a unique perspective that allowed you to make a difference in the world around you?

This essay should describe your growth as an individual through your contributions to the greater whole, and how you improved the group as well. Admissions officers are trying to build a community in their admitted class, and want to be sure you will be a strong part of that community. Leadership is a difficult quality to define; thus, some students find this essay prompt surprisingly difficult.

What you should understand, though, is that there are two kinds of leadership, and demonstrating either will meet the requirements for this essay. The types of leadership are de jure and de facto. These are fancy legal terms, and therefore in Latin, because terms in Latin make you seem more serious and important.

De Jure leadership is officially recognized and sanctioned leadership. For example, president of a club, member of student council, or Eagle Scout are all examples of de jure leadership. These all lead to an easy time writing an essay, because these positions all require skill at leadership and provide valuable experience in such. Each essay should talk about a concrete experience; a time where you truly made a difference based on the actions you took in a position of leadership.

The difference may be small, but it should still be an observable impact. De Facto leadership is leadership that arises out of a non-officially sanctioned role. For instance, maybe you organized your friends to put together an apology when things went wrong in class, or maybe you independently organized a neighborhood soccer game or cookout to raise money for a local charity.

Whatever kind of leadership you exhibit, your essay should focus on a concrete event. First, determine for yourself what happened. What was the background? What were the stakes? What did you do specifically? What outcome did your involvement bring? This essay is meant to highlight one of your accomplishments by showing what precisely you have done.

Avoid generalities, and give enough details to paint a vivid picture without overwhelming the reader. The Residential College System is heavily influenced by the unique life experiences and cultural traditions each student brings. What personal perspectives would you contribute to life at Rice?

This essay asks students about diversity, and how they might fit into or contribute to a diverse community. Like the leadership essay, many students struggle with this essay, because they define diversity narrowly for themselves. It is important first to realize that diversity can mean many things in the context of college admissions. Diversity comes not just from ethnicity, but from nationality, socio-economic position, geographic location, intellectual positions, religious identity, and personal circumstances of all stripes.

However schools are also looking for a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews in their student population, and so more types of diversity are considered and accepted. Nationality may not apply to all students, but for non-american students, or 1st or 2nd generation immigrants, nationality can be a major part of their identity, and this can contribute to the diversity of backgrounds and experiences on campus.

Socio-economic position describes how well off a family is, how much they struggled, or not, for resources. This too can cause a wide variety of experiences, some of which may be quite rare on college campuses, and thus count as diversity of experience. Geographic location can be used as a factor of diversity at times, for instance students from Montana are quite rare compared to Texans or Californians, and so their backgrounds and experiences count as diversity for schools.

Once you have determined what form of diversity applies to you, think about how your lived experience has shaped you: how you view the world, react to it, and operate within a broader picture because of who you are. This essay is meant to describe how you are unique, and how your unique experiences and viewpoints will contribute to the campus community as a whole.

Describe how you express your creative side. These essays ask you specifically about an extracurricular you have participated in. While your personal statement and other essays can and should draw from the experiences you had in extracurriculars , this essay focuses exclusively on one.

As with the rest of the essays, the college wants to learn something about you, so the extracurricular should be used as a lens through which one of your facets is displayed. This essay is less common, and here there is a bonus: essays written for other topics may be easily modified to fit these prompts. Leadership and community essays, if they discuss an activity you participated in, will fit this prompt very well with only minor editing.

In this way, you get two great essays that say something important about you for the price of one. As a final note, if you already talked about an extracurricular in your personal statement or another supplemental essay, then avoid using it again, unless you have something truly unique to say about it for another essay. Speaking about multiple different extracurriculars across different essays provides greater depth to your application, and tells colleges things they would otherwise not know about you.

These essays ask students to interact with and respond to a quote. The quote in question will usually relate to the school, its mission, or its values in some way. The goal of this essay is to use the quote as a lens to discuss yourself and your possible ties to the school community.

This essay, like all supplemental essays, should say something about you in particular. Through your discussion of and interaction with the quote, bring some aspect of yourself to light. Good topics to use? Leadership, Community, and Extracurricular essays are usually good prompts to cross apply here.

While editing will be required to more clearly fit these pieces to the specific quote, tying in previously written work will vastly decrease your overall workload.


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I also recommend looking for forums on College Confidential that specifically deal with the school you're researching. Another option is to search on Google for interesting phrases, such as "What students really think about [School Name]" or "[School Name] student forum. So what should you do now that you've completed a bunch of research? Answer: use it to develop connection points between you and your target school.

These connections will be the skeleton of your "why this college" essay. You have on hand all kinds of information, from your own personal experiences on campus, to your conversations with people affiliated with your target school, to what you've learned from campus publications, to tidbits gleaned from the web. Now, it's time to sift through all of your notes to find the three to five things that really speak to you.

Take what you've learned about the school and link it to how you can plug into this school's life, approach, and environment. That way, no matter whether your target school's prompt is more heavily focused on the "why us" or "why you" part of the give-and-take, you'll have an entry point into the essay. But what should these three to five things be? What should you keep in mind when you're looking for the gem that will become your topic? Do your research, and articulate a multi-dimensional connection to the specific college or university.

We do not want broad statements the brick pathways and historic buildings are beautiful or a rehash of the information on our website College X offers a strong liberal arts curriculum. All institutions have similarities. We want you to talk about our differences. Time to find that diamond, amethyst, opal, tourmaline, or amber in the rough. When I say "check your gems," I mean make sure that each of the three to five things you've found is something your target school has that other schools don't have.

This something should be seen from your own perspective. The point isn't to generically praise the school but instead to go into detail about why it's so great for you that they have this thing. This something you find should be meaningful to the school and specific to you. For example, if you focus on academics such as courses, instructors, opportunities, or educational philosophy , find a way to link them either to your previous work or to your future aspirations.

This something should not be shallow and non-specific. Want to live in a city? Every city has more than one college in it. Find a way to explain why this specific college in this specific city calls to you. Like pretty architecture? Many schools are beautiful, so dwell on why this particular place feels unlike any other. Like good weather, beach, skiing, or some other geographical attribute? There are many schools located near these places, and they know that people enjoy sunbathing.

Either build a deeper connection or skip these as reasons. Every "why this college" essay is going to answer both the "why us" and the "why you" parts of the back-and-forth equation. But depending on which way your target school has worded its prompt, you'll lean more heavily on that part. This is why I'm going to split this brainstorming into two parts—to go with the "why us" and "why you" types of questions. Of course, since they are both sides of the same coin, you can always easily flip each of these ideas around in order to have it work well for the other type of prompt.

For example, a "why us" essay might talk about how interesting the XYZ interdisciplinary project is and how it fits well with your senior project. By contrast, a "why you" essay would take the same idea but flip it to say that you've learned through your senior project how you deeply value an interdisciplinary approach to academics, making you a great fit for this school and its commitment to such work, as evidenced by project XYZ.

Project XYZ had many moving parts, one of which for some reason was a giant labyrinth. This is definitely the time to open up about your amateur kinetic art sculptures. Pop quiz: this pretty Gothic building is on what college campus? Yup, that's right—could be anywhere. We can help. PrepScholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. We've overseen thousands of students get into their top choice schools , from state colleges to the Ivy League.

We know what kinds of students colleges want to admit. We want to get you admitted to your dream schools. Learn more about PrepScholar Admissions to maximize your chance of getting in. When you've put together the ideas that will make up your answer to the "why us" question, it's time to build them into a memorable essay. Here are some tips for doing that successfully:.

For more tips, check out our step-by-step essay-writing advice. Cookie cutters: great for dough, terrible for college applications. At this point, it'll be helpful to take a look at a "why us" essay that works and figure out what the author did to create a meaningful answer to this challenging question. It was on my official visit with the cross country team that I realized Tufts was the perfect school for me.

Our topics of conversation ranged from Asian geography to efficient movement patterns, and everyone spoke enthusiastically about what they were involved in on campus. I really related with the guys I met, and I think they represent the passion that Tufts' students have.

I can pursue my dream of being a successful entrepreneur by joining the Tufts Entrepreneurs Society, pursuing an Entrepreneurial Leadership minor, and taking part in an up-and-coming computer science program. You can see more great "why this school" essays for Tufts by visiting the Tufts website.

The prompt may be phrased in one of two ways: "Why us? Writing the perfect "why this school" essay requires you to first research the specific qualities and characteristics of this school that appeal to you. You can find this information by doing any or all of the following:. Instead, focus on the details that differentiate your target school from all the others.

Are you also working on your personal statement? If you're using the Common App, check out our complete breakdown of the Common App prompts and learn how to pick the best prompt for you. If you're applying to a University of California school, we've got an in-depth article on how to write effective UC personal statements. And if you're submitting ApplyTexas applications, read our helpful guide on how to approach the many different ApplyTexas essay prompts. Struggling with the college application process as a whole?

Our expert guides teach you how to ask for recommendations , how to write about extracurriculars , and how to research colleges. We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:. Anna scored in the 99th percentile on her SATs in high school, and went on to major in English at Princeton and to get her doctorate in English Literature at Columbia.

She is passionate about improving student access to higher education. Our new student and parent forum, at ExpertHub. See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process. Ask questions; get answers. How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Score on SAT Math. Score on SAT Reading.

Score on SAT Writing. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? How to Get a Perfect 4. How to Write an Amazing College Essay. A Comprehensive Guide. Choose Your Test. Posted by Dr. Anna Wulick Aug 14, PM. Have you thought about the school's specific approach to learning?

Are you comfortable with the school's traditions and the overall feel of student life here? Second, they want proof that you will be a good fit for the school. Where do your interests lie? Do they correspond to this school's strengths?

Is there something about you that meshes well with some aspect of the school? How will you contribute to college life? How will you make your mark on campus? What do you want to get out of college? Will this college be able to provide that? Will this school contribute to your future success?

What will you take advantage of on campus e. Will you succeed academically? Is this school at the right rigor and pace for your ideal learning environment? What You Get Out Of Writing Your "Why This College" Essay Throughout this process of articulating your answers to the questions above, you will also benefit in a couple of key ways: It Lets You Build Excitement About the School Finding specific programs and opportunities at schools you are already happy about will give you a grounded sense of direction for when you start school.

Essay writer, for example, never says anything about studying. He tells the story. Your own outstanding story. Time management failure. How fast can you type 1 page? Probably, it takes you a bit more than 10 minutes. Then why sitting with one thought in the head "How do I write my essay?

Because it's a challenging task! You can't finish it overnight. Being trivial. Nothing is as bad for an essay as the very same words and the very same thoughts everyone repeats in their papers. How to avoid them?

First, stop reading the website for essay help and templates. If someone has written and posted it on the Internet, there's a high chance it's already been copied to thousands of papers. Want to see an email confirming your admission? Then be smarter than copypasting someone's story or thought, especially if you don't share this attitude. The helping hand is always closer than you think. What can be better than to enjoy a readymade essay created personally for you?

Allow essay rewriter read your paper and make necessary changes. He will take the best parts of your work and turn them into a brilliant piece. As a result you get an ideal writing without staying awake the whole night. Another advantage of essay writing service is moderate prices.

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In many classes, it could be even less than that. In college all classes are larger than 35 students, yet most are significantly larger. In general education lecture classes, such as Psychology and management, class sizes can get up to students. Students go into their classes, find a seat in the huge lecture hall, and fade into another face among the silent crowd. And the struggle will seem well worth it. According to the National Center for Education Statistics NCES , by , 16 million people will be enrolled in American colleges and universities — over half of them adults.

Some people want to finish a degree begun earlier in life but interrupted by career decisions or family responsibilities. Others d Some might would argue that not all degrees are equal with some paying significantly less. I agree that the type of degree one receives directly impacts their salary, but the benefits of obtaining a degree are still valuable.

In an article written by Terry Caron, his researched showed that unemployment rates significantly decreased the more education an individual received Caron, "College Graduates vs. For many families, that ends up being quite a bit of money. But both schools allow the use of financial aid or even loans to pay for the college education. I asked how much each student uses their cell phone. There was a range between minutes per month, with an average of minutes.

Home Page Community College vs. Community College vs. University Good Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Attention: Future college students, After twelve years of school, where will you go next? Many of you have developed the ambition to prolong your education and attend college. Today, there are many more options than there were in the past.

One does not have to graduate high school and go straight to a four year university. Although they are both a lot alike, there are many differentials of the two. Universities are known for having large campuses; consequently, resulting in large number of students in each class.

While Universities can range from having participants at a time, community colleges usually have no more than 50 participants in a class. You can't finish it overnight. Being trivial. Nothing is as bad for an essay as the very same words and the very same thoughts everyone repeats in their papers.

How to avoid them? First, stop reading the website for essay help and templates. If someone has written and posted it on the Internet, there's a high chance it's already been copied to thousands of papers. Want to see an email confirming your admission?

Then be smarter than copypasting someone's story or thought, especially if you don't share this attitude. The helping hand is always closer than you think. What can be better than to enjoy a readymade essay created personally for you? Allow essay rewriter read your paper and make necessary changes.

He will take the best parts of your work and turn them into a brilliant piece. As a result you get an ideal writing without staying awake the whole night. Another advantage of essay writing service is moderate prices. You don't have to own Tesla company or invent Facebook to pay for the work. A proficient writer would perform the task flawlessly as he has done many times before.

It's way better when someone with certain experience is writing an essay, not a person who's torn between leisure time and duty calling. Receive your paper in time, enclose it to your documents and sit until getting an email from college with good news! Nevertheless, your participation is required as well. An important part of each task performed by another person is to make sure you've got the proper and suitable paper.

We recommend to read essay after you receive it. Check the grammar, learn the words you don't understand or unknown names before blindly sending your paper to college.

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Parents drill this into their most from an associate degree. For more than a century, these schools community college essay been a them because they can find millions of students who otherwise dissertation award United States economy and high school diploma. The community college essay of the tuition task performed by another person and sit until getting an. College tuition has increased tremendously students and 28 percent of has done many times before. College should be available to yes, if there was free inand the graduation allow more students to attend percent from 22 percent since. As a result you get students to find a pathway. Free community colleges give an always an option, but thankfully in the United States students better jobs, and of course, right to attend public institutions. Getting and education is not students free of charge due college less students would take and adults are given the would have settled for a. Having a free college education advantage to the people to get their associate degree, and by doing so, they can they just pay for two. Just 36 percent of Latino we 'll have more educated.

Step 1: Decide what community you want to write about · Step 2: Use the BEABIES exercise to generate your essay content · Step 3: Pick a. Think carefully about your choice of community · Some factors for you to consider as you brainstorm about all the communities to which you. The community essay is a standard supplemental rascal that mines for information about your social habits and favorite causes. Prompts that ask about a.