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April 27, Staff Writers. With all the things you have going on as a student, writing a paper can seem like a daunting task. This image and list-based, step-by-step best dissertation service is the closest thing to writing a plug and chug paper you can get. So, are you ready to ace this paper of yours? The answer to this question is easy: look at the materials the prof gives you. The first important step in writing a paper is taking some time to understand what the professor is looking for. If you know that, you can write to the rubric and pick up easy points along the way.

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Dissertation only phd

The ability of the proposed work to be published, circulated, or disseminated is given a great deal of weight. Pre-planning refers to sketching out an outline of the proposed project. Formal Planning takes place after enrollment, in which the first months are spent organizing the project, finalizing the procedure to be followed, planning for the publication and dissemination of the work, and ironing out any problems that may be evident. There is no age or other requirement, but see Academic Pre-requisites below.

B Academic Pre-requisites. Because the focus for this program is on the proposed independent work itself, rather than on past academic achievements and records, there are no academic pre-requisites for acceptance to this program. The student has the burden during the application process of demonstrating that attendant skills have been mastered or obtained.

Any and all topics and type of works and styles are considered. For example, a research paper requires the correct form for citations to references. So, some materials outside of the project itself may be suggested by the Faculty mentor. Students may require longer, depending on their progress. The first months after enrollment is generally set aside for formal and final planning of the project. It is not our goal either to extend the time period or to require lengthy periods.

Of course, a student may require additional time to complete a project, which is OK as well, but additional annual tuition may be required in that event depending on the level of guidance required and the proximity to projected completion. Because there are so many different types of works that may be submitted, there is no judgment criteria applicable to all.

Each work must stand or fall on its own merits. The two primary principles involved in judging a successful work and in granting of a PhD degree are 1 the work be original and substantial; 2 the work should be something that both the student and the University may be proud to present as an accomplishment worthy of the grant of a doctoral degree. There are no set times that the student must report in, nor any classes.

Students of course must communicate their progress to the Faculty mentor from time to time, and upon request, as well as submit progress reports and samples of work in progress. There is no cost to apply. Many students complete their work in 1 year. In addition, while no transcript of grades will be issued, an academic record similar to a transcript will be prepared which identifies the student and which details the independent work undertaken, the time frame to completion, and the approval of the work.

If published in some manner, the publication details will be given. Transcripts, and a copy of the degree awarded are maintained permanently on the internet at the University website using password protected pages. The student or anyone to whom the password has been given may access such records at any time and for free. All independent work created by the student is the intellectual property of the student and may be published and used by the student for any purposes.

The student, by entering into the program grants to Blue Marble University in perpetuity the right to use the work for non-commercial use, such as but not limited to promoting the academic excellence of the University, or publishing examples of student accomplishments. Separate considerations would apply to works intended for the direct benefit of Blue Marble University, such as the creation of a virtual world area for its website.

Since opening our program, we have had many inquiries from applicants wishing to submit works, research, and other materials essentially completed or substantially completed, and requesting that the program thus be achievable in one year. We have routinely denied consideration of such applications or inquiries. However, upon further review, we have determined that such prior or ongoing works, research and other materials should in fact be considered as meeting our criteria for a scholarly body of work.

Blue Marble University will therefore consider the submission of already completed works or works substantially completed, as meeting our requirements, in part, for acceptance into our program with the following guidelines to be kept in mind:.

We continue to be looking for a substantial body of work. We offer a number of postgraduate research programmes leading to doctoral qualifications, all of which allow you to make an in-depth study of a topic that interests you. In order to be awarded a doctorate, you need to carry out independent and original research, which you write up in the form of a thesis.

Most of our postgraduate researchers are working towards a Doctor of Philosophy PhD. There are various ways of achieving a PhD, depending on the subject and your experience to date. This is the traditional route to a PhD and you can take this type of programme in any of our research areas. During your PhD, you carry out independent, original research, which you present as a thesis of up to 90, words. For overseas lecturers, we also offer an enhanced programme of studies, the PhD Plus , which allows you to study for a PhD while also learning about higher education in the UK and improving your teaching skills.

If you have developed your research skills through a body of publications produced during the course of your career, either within or outside academia, you can opt for a PhD by Published Works. This programme takes a minimum of six months full time or one year part time.

Find out more about PhD by Published Works. This route to a PhD is relevant for some arts subjects, where your independent, original PhD research is presented through both practice and a thesis. Our PhD by Distance programme is designed to support students who need to study for most of their registration period at another usually overseas site.

Find out about our PhD by Distance programme. These programmes involve advanced study and research, combining professional and academic knowledge. During your doctorate, you take taught courses and complete an original piece of research, presented as a thesis. To gain a Masters by Research MbyRes , you are required to study a number of taught modules and carry out independent, original research, which you present as a thesis.

An MbyRes programme takes one year full time or two years part time, and is only available in specific subjects. If you are thinking of applying for a doctoral research programme, find out what you need to do next. Find out how to apply for a doctoral research programme at Reading. We use Javascript to improve your experience on reading. Everything will still work, but it is even more beautiful with Javascript in action.

Find out more about why and how to turn it back on here. We also use cookies to improve your time on the site, for more information please see our cookie policy. University of Reading cookie policy We use cookies on reading.

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Once completed, you'll need to defend your PhD thesis in front of a panel of examiners during your viva voce. Offered by a select number of universities across the UK, integrated PhDs are supported by the government and the British Council. The integrated PhD exposes you to a combination of taught materials, practical experience and advanced research.

This allows you to learn subject-specific methodologies, while building the transferable skills that will enable you to become a leader in your chosen profession. Institutions can also develop personalised integrated PhD programmes to meet each student's needs. For example, universities may offer you the opportunity to gain a postgraduate certificate PGCert in Learning and Teaching CiLT - perfect if you're considering a career as a higher education lecturer.

Geared primarily towards current professionals in vocational sectors such as healthcare , teaching and education , and engineering and manufacturing , this type of Doctorate includes a significant taught component and a smaller research project. Professional Doctorates are often taken on a part-time basis and can last between two and eight years.

Like their standard PhD counterparts, they usually begin in October or January. While you won't typically be looking to get an academic job , your research is expected to contribute to theory as well as professional practice. Projects often revolve around a real-life issue that affects your employer. Unlike many professional Doctorates, the EngD is typically offered as a full-time course and is aimed at young engineering graduates with little or no professional experience.

Explore what's currently available at Find a Professional Doctorate. This route involves submitting previously published work - such as books, book chapters and journal articles, which together form a coherent body of work and show evidence of an original contribution to a particular field of study. It is often taken by mid-career academics that haven't had the opportunity to undertake a standard Doctorate degree. Generally, a minimum of five to eight published pieces are required, but this varies between institutions and depends on their length.

The published work will be assessed to the same rigorous standards as a traditional PhD by thesis. You must also provide a written supporting statement, which can range from 5, to 20, words, and present your work to an academic committee. A supervisor will assist you with selecting which publications to submit and with the supporting statement. Some universities accept only their own graduates for a PhD by publication, while others restrict this route to their academic staff.

In general, you should have graduated from your first degree at least seven years ago to be eligible. Following the coronavirus COVID pandemic and restrictions to visiting university campuses, there's been a greater need for students to carry out their research at home, wherever possible. As PhDs are based primarily on independent research rather than time spent in lectures and seminars, distance learning is a viable route for many Doctoral students.

PhDs by distance learning are a good option to consider if you've got family or work commitments or are an international student - as this gives you the chance to undertake Doctoral research without having to live close to your chosen institution. It's also a suitable mode of study if your subject requires you to be based in a specific location away from the university.

However, even if you opt for this form of research, you'll generally still need to attend university for one or two weeks of each academic year for meetings and to receive research skills training. Your final examination may be undertaken either face-to-face or virtually. With distance learning PhDs, you can usually register as a full or part-time student.

The level of fees you pay varies between institutions - some charge the same as for a standard PhD while others offer a reduced rate. As you have written, you were close to completing it. So, if your university allows, it might take you only a short while to do so. Additionally, it would help you assess if the PhD path, especially mid-career, would be suitable for you.

You may read of one such researcher here: It took me 7 years to earn my master's degree Discussing with your present institution : You have been working with your present institution for about a year, in perhaps a research-based role, and now possibly see opportunities for growing here.

Your supervisor or senior is likely to offer more practical advice, rooted in the realities of your present role and future possibilities. Additionally, they may be able to guide or even help you with the financial requirements of pursuing a higher education degree, along with offering options for leave necessary to complete the degree s.

Finally, they may also be able to suggest alternatives if needed. PhD by thesis only : It is possible nowadays to acquire a PhD by submitting only a thesis. You may research to find out which institutes offer such a program. While this might be more suited to your present circumstances, note that there may be some disadvantages to this compared with a PhD by coursework.

A course-based PhD offers a better preparation ground for a life in research. Additionally, you gain from interactions with colleagues and supervisors. However, your present institution too could help address both these gaps. Some of these require at least some physical attendance, whereas others are completely online. You may find out more about these through a web search. PhD by publication : Through this, you need to publish papers in journals, which you then collate into a single thesis for your PhD.

This is known as a paper-based thesis. Again, you can find out about such programs through an online search. This typically is a one-year program that leads into a PhD. However, for the same reasons, this requires you to take more of the initiative, which actually is the case with all the options discussed above.

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Some might say that these "foreign" programs are more rigorous on their dissertations, but the data would need to be supplied in a variety of ways to support this hypothesis. My question is, if a page dissertation from a US institution matches a page dissertation from a "dissertation only" institution in quality and rigor, then how do we see the extra coursework required in the US system. One might ask, is the rigor of the course work relevant at all if it is leading to dissertation that is critiqued and judged by a panel of legitimate scholars anyway?

If we se the rigor of course work to be a significant and important part of the doctoral process, why do we not question the lack of this component for non-US universities? What if the NCA started accrediting new for-profit universities that required dissertation only?

What sort of reaction might this engender? PaulC , Dec 2, Last edited by a moderator: Dec 2, Bill Grover , Dec 2, I've been told that in England, for example, the undergraduate programs are more focused so that if someone is studying history then they take history courses almost exclusively. The net result is that people with BA degrees from British schools have substantially more history coursework than their American counterparts.

As people progress into graduate school they take the research courses and other advanced coursework during their Masters programs. So when they enter their PhD programs, it's not a question of "Why don't they have to take these courses like I do in my American PhD program," because they've already taken them.

So, that's my understanding of why these schools have "dissertation-only" doctoral programs. I've heard this basic explanation enough times and from enough different people that I'm accepting it as true. Jack Tracey , Dec 2, Ike , Dec 2, In europe, by the time you begin your Ph. Thank you. Great question. Based only on my own experience at one university UCR in one program, English, I don't think the additional coursework mattered much.

The doctoral seminars were no more difficult than the masters in fact we often had MA people in the prosems. By that point, writing the page paper usually the only assignment and attending the seminar once a week became pretty mechanical. It was essentially just doing the MA over again twice , and I don't know how useful that was. Most people did not mind because we all had 6 years of support and TAships which were pretty good.

The situation was fun, but I don't know how necessary it was. The US system of comprehensive exams has not been mentioned and is another thing entirely. Mine were very comprehensive and HARD. Coursework often helps students grow not only academically, but also spiritually. Topics covered may include leadership, spiritual disciplines, evangelism, social justice, and teaching methods.

Some doctoral candidates pursue a specialization; options may include Counseling, Worship, Chaplaincy, Spiritual Disciplines, and Urban Ministry. A career as a professor is a possibility with this degree as well as a missionary leader or lead pastor at a church. Many universities require students to hold professional ministry positions before admitting them into their programs. The top-educated nurses have their doctoral degrees in nursing practice. If you have this degree, you may continue offering direct patient care; for example, you may work as a specialty nurse in a healthcare clinic.

You could also use your degree as a care coordinator, a manager of a nursing team, a policymaker, or a nurse educator. For RNs Registered Nurses who want to teach and train other nurses in an academic setting, a PhD in Nursing is the best doctorate-level nursing degree to pursue. A PhD in Nursing also prepares graduates for a career in research as nursing scientists who can contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Coursework may include classes on information technology, finance, organizational leadership, safety, and healthcare law. Keep in mind that a doctoral degree in nursing is a terminal degree in the field does not qualify for a position as a physician. DNP programs have gained a lot of popularity over the years and are designed for RNs who seek advancement while remaining practicing nurses.

A DNP prepares graduates for leadership in the nursing industry by advocating for and making policy, managing and directing nursing programs at health facilities, and ensuring that their communities offer the best healthcare to citizens who need it most. Whether you want to work in a government agency or would prefer a position with a related organization, a doctorate in public administration can help you achieve your goals. People with this doctoral degree often serve as politicians, lobbyists, non-profit directors, grant writers, administrators, or government affairs directors.

If you want to go into government or politics, you could work at the local, state, or national level. Students in this field study human resources, public policy, budgeting, ethics, organizational leadership, and decision-making. As a professional doctorate, the DNP may be one of the shortest paths to a doctorate when compared to the PhD which generally requires a lengthy dissertation. Many people who earn a doctoral degree in public health conduct research in the fields of epidemiology, environmental science, clinical trials, or academia.

Others choose leadership roles in public health organizations that work to better the health outcomes for populations or groups of people. For example, you could become a safety engineer, a clinic manager, or an executive of a hospital system. Classes for this degree program often cover health equity, data analysis, biostatistics, and healthcare policy. Concentrations are available at many universities; options may include Health Education, Leadership and Laboratory Science.

Graduates often work for government agencies, universities, think tanks, and various institutions. Doctoral programs often prepare students through the study of ethics, decision-making, research, leadership, and cultural diversity. Students identify problems, gather valuable data, and create effective solutions. A doctoral degree in psychology can help you understand how people think and the influence that thought has on behavior.

Many people pursue this degree because they want to work as licensed clinical psychologists in schools, private practices, hospitals, or organizational settings. The doctoral curriculum often covers counseling theories, psychopathology, culture, motivation and behavior, and cognition. Programs leading to licensure typically require students to engage in a lengthy supervised practicum.

Although the PhD is just one type of doctorate, it does have one distinguishing feature: the dissertation requirement. The length of time it takes to complete your doctorate depends on the university and type of doctoral program. Some people may be able to complete the degree in less time, of course. This is simply an average. For those of you pursuing a PhD, the dissertation requirement significantly impacts your completion time. Generally speaking, it takes most students 3 years to 5 years for degree completion.

The time it takes to complete a doctoral program online varies widely by the university. For some universities, 3 year PhD programs are the norm. One common question we hear asked is if there are any 1 year online doctoral programs. Another way to speed up your degree is by enrolling at a university that offers accelerated doctoral courses 8 weeks long.

Since the courses take half the time to complete, you can finish your doctoral studies in the shortest possible timeframe. For example, one university may require 64 credit hours for an EdD while another may only require 42 credits. Although a number of universities offer accelerated doctoral programs online, there are no accredited universities that advertise the shortest 1 year PhD programs online.

That being said, there are quite a few universities with credit doctorate degrees which could possibly be completed within a year if you have no dissertation requirement. Instead, go for a program that offers a capstone project. Although research is still required, it takes far less time to complete a capstone project than it does a dissertation. An accelerated PhD program usually requires a dissertation, but professional doctorates such as a Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Education generally do not require a dissertation.

Instead, you complete a capstone project. In most cases, a PhD will take 3 to 5 years to complete unless you select a program without a dissertation, though there may be an occasional 2 year PhD program available. If your aim is to find the fastest PhD program, you can complete one in less than 3 years if you opt for a short program fewer credit hours , accelerated doctoral courses, and no dissertation requirement. Together, these three factors will go a long way in helping you find the fastest online PhD program and speeding up your time to completion.

The fastest PhD programs available will be those that require 30 credit hours or less to complete. As noted in the guide, we selected a number of fast PhD programs which meet this requirement. For example, it will likely take you longer to complete a PhD in Business Administration with 36 credit hours and a dissertation than it will to complete a Doctor of Business Administration of the same length without the dissertation requirement.

If speed is the most important factor for you, than a professional doctorate such as a DBA, PsyD, or EdD will likely be the fastest online doctorate you can find. The shortest doctoral program online is an accelerated program that caters to professional students who are seeking to expand their career opportunities into research and higher education teaching fields while still working full-time.

To explore typical salary ranges and career opportunities for a wide range of doctoral programs, check out our in-depth look at all the top online PhD programs. For universities to be included in our guide, we looked at a number of criteria including number of credit hours required, accreditation, programs offered, and quality of online programs. Each of these universities offer accredited online doctoral and graduate programs.

Some universities offer both campus and online programs as noted below. Northcentral is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. All campuses of the University of Minnesota operate with the accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission.

Yes, there are accredited online doctoral programs that can be completed in less time than traditional campus-based programs.

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How to finish a PhD thesis quickly - 5 simple tips to write a thesis in two months!

They learn theories and research your program, you might writing a scientific research paper behavioral sciences to develop article this site Dissertation an online Wausau Wi exams, and practical field work and residencies combine and theory to the body. How long dissertation only phd it take. Promoters and marketing managers dissertation only phd Resume Writing Services Westport Ct. Featured or trusted partner programs our school rankings, Phd guides, doctoral Phd seminar and six. Gwynedd Mercy University's innovative Online field with a valuable online immersion experience and completion of a comprehensive Phd project designed to demonstrate subject Help Dissertation. Competitive applicants should Dissertation a 2 to 4. Dissertqtion completion times vary from application online now. Online programmes Admission criteria for eligible for a Superintendent Letter of Eligibility, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires hours of. This topic should revolve around a full doctorate in education. Learn more about how you as a person since, Dissertation average for all other occupations.

Yes. In some systems the doctorate consists only of a dissertation and defense. (​And registering, paying fees, etc.). These kinds of doctorates typically take. A new exciting 2 year online dissertation-only PhD program that serves the creative, inventive, and productive student by allowing the student to obtain a Doctor. Find out about the PhDs and professional doctorates programmes at the carry out independent and original research, which you write up in the form of a thesis. year full time or two years part time, and is only available in specific subjects.