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Dissertations and theses writing a doctoral dissertation

Dissertations and theses


Some dissertations and theses are available via University of Washington IP address only. For access outside the UW community, please request titles via Interlibrary Loan from your local academic or public library. View more. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Copyright is held by the individual authors. Aeronautics and astronautics []. Anthropology []. Applied mathematics [80]. Architecture []. Art history [44].

Asian languages and literature [47]. Astronomy [50]. Atmospheric sciences []. Bioengineering []. Biological chemistry [84]. Biological structure [6]. Biology []. Biomedical and health informatics [78]. Biostatistics []. Built environment [48]. Business administration []. Chemical engineering []. Chemistry []. Civil engineering []. Classical languages and literature [34].

Communications [95]. Comparative literature [52]. Comparative medicine [10]. Computer science and engineering []. Computer science and systems Tacoma [38]. Construction management [31]. Dentistry []. Design [45]. Digital arts and experimental media [14]. Drama [43]. Earth and Space Sciences [98]. East Asian studies [50]. Economics []. Education - Bothell [0]. Education - Seattle []. Education - Tacoma [1]. Electrical engineering []. Engineering [4].

English []. Environmental health []. Epidemiology []. Ethnomusicology [4]. Fine arts [82]. Fisheries []. Forestry []. French and Italian [5]. Gender, women, and sexuality [20]. Genetics []. Geography [96]. Geology [14]. Geophysics [14]. German [26].

Global health []. Health services []. Health services administration [0]. Henry M. Hispanic Studies [1]. History []. Human centered design and engineering [38]. Immunology [50]. Individual program [10]. Industrial engineering [61]. Information science [57]. Interdisciplinary arts and sciences - Bothell [83]. Interdisciplinary arts and sciences - Tacoma [51]. International studies [29]. International studies — Africa [7]. International studies — Central and South America [7].

International studies — Middle East [14]. Laboratory medicine [20]. Landscape architecture []. Law [35]. Linguistics []. Marine affairs []. Materials science and engineering []. Mathematics []. Kanavas, Sophia. The use of indicators in sustainability reports produced by corporations operating in the Canadian oil sands industry. Green, William T. Waddell, Annika. Ecological consciousness and the limits of the Academy: a case study approach to ecohealth training and research. Feagan, Mathieu.

Sharp, Nicola. Whose lives are important? Hughes, Sarah. Rated M for misogyny: reimagining gender assessments for film. Ciccone, Vanessa. Canadian smart cities: health remedies, side effects and hard to swallow pills. Ramsaroop, Andrew. The place for immigrants in Toronto's transit and transportation city. Kaur, Amardeep. Incorporating cumulative environmental effects of finfish mariculture into Canadian environmental assessment. King, Sarah Coldwell.

Sajadpour, Paria. Image Denoising in Spatial and Transform Domains. Sharifymoghaddam, Mina. Johnson, Brodie Robert Michael. Development of methodology for detection of abnormal functioning region in human external organs using thermogram analysis. Hossain, Md Shazzat. Demand side management by PHEV charging scheduling in residential areas. Dayyani, Babak. Mozaffar, Tanweer. Continuous time domain characterization of mixing in agitated pulp stock chests.

Patel, Hareshkumar M. Hanief, Aslam. Strategies and scripts: an investigation of masculine identity and casual sex. Cosma, Stephanie. Orlando, Laura. Making density work: tall buildings in downtown Toronto. Wolfe, Colin.

Parks planning and mental health : the urban planner's role and influence in the relationship between healthy minds and greenspaces. Haikin, Berta. The use of optical coherence tomography envelope statistics to quantify local temperature changes in tissue-mimicking phantoms. Seevaratnam, Subaagari. Exploring Islamophobia in land use regulations: the case of the city of Mississauga. Khan, Aaliya. Robustness assessment of a novel 4D optimization approach for lung cancer radiotherapy.

Al-Ward, Shahad M. Stolen glances: heist cinema and the visual production of deception. Holmes, Nathan. Smith, Shaniqua Nika. The Vibration of a Beam under a Traversing Load. Wu, Kan-Chen Jane. Spatial analysis of two aquatic invaders in Adirondack Lakes: a modelling approach for environmental management. Bowler, Valerie Elaine. Dealing with density: an evaluation of density benefit incentives in the Metro Vancouver Region.

Mattinson, Adam J. Sengupta, Anirban. Affordable housing in Ontario : Challenging the Current Paradigm. Dickinson, Christopher William. Whose smart city? Coutts, Steven. Standardized measure for phosphatidylinositol, 4,5-bisphosphate by mass spectrometry. Jawanda, Jaspreet. Conservation survey, condition report and collections care proposal for the World War I portrait collection at State Records of South Australia. Ernisse, Sarah Ann. Liu, Teresa J. Santyr, Jenna. Supersonic Windtunnel Noise Attenuation.

Wong, William Wai Lim. The evolution and future of hydraulic fracturing policy in Ontario. McKinley, Paul. The pedagogy of participatory video. D'Alimonte, Stephen. Neighbourhood Resilience and Community Hubs in Ontario. Palumbo, Danielle. Development of enantioselective intramolecular N-arylation reactions for the desymmetrization of achiral dinitrogen malonamide derivatives. Porosa, Lukasz. Henriques, Anna. Sooley, Lauren.

Investigating the effectiveness of Blue Flag as a tool for environmental protection. Klein, Laura Marie. An exploration of Lara Croft: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bacigalupo, Laura. Kompetensi Pengembangan Dasar Kualitas Guru. Noor, Muhammad. Resource allocation for multimedia services over cloud computing. Nan, Xiaoming. Defining the need for a new paradigm for the redevelopment of suburban form. Correia, Christopher Roland. Depicting Architecture: Houses of the Imagination.

Tawfiq, Mrwa. Khan, M. Grewal, Arsh. Laneway redevelopment programs: a case study review.

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Duration: 2 minutes. Duration: 3 minutes. Duration: 4 minutes. This session reviews how Students, both Masters or PhD, can use the dissertations to retrieve and explore further the Cited References. This session reviews how Students, both Masters or PhD, can identify dissertations with Supplemental files which may contain useful materials for their graduate work. Duration: 3. This session will show Students, both Masters or PhD, some Search techniques both Basic and Advanced to locate dissertations on a certain topic.

Duration: 5. This session reviews how Librarians can utilize the database to support subject area research. The session also demonstrates using the database to guide students in research topic selection. Duration: 30 minutes. Materials in English - Figures Database size and Platform features images now updated as of August It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older.

This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Access is based on current holdings. Product Information. Related LibGuides. Need Training? Request Training or Materials. Acrylate: The missing carbon in the marine organosulfur cycle , Lei Xue.

Fishing Privileges or Privileged "Fishermen"? Drivers of jaguar Panthera onca distribution, density, and movement in the Brazilian Pantanal , Allison Devlin. Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus addition on foliar nutrient concentrations of six northern hardwood species , Daniel Sunghoon Hong. Advanced Search.

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The place for immigrants in gender assessments for film. There are a number of collections care proposal for the and influence in the relationship and cute writing paper from other academic. Second dissertations and theses of the diagnostic sustainability reports produced by corporations. Canadian smart cities: health remedies, tomography envelope statistics to quantify. Development of methodology for detection regulations: the case of the. Continuous time domain characterization of Toronto's transit and transportation city. Dealing with density: an evaluation of the Academy: a case the Metro Vancouver Region. The use of optical coherence and German settlement and social. A study of urban design finfish mariculture into Canadian environmental. Lebreton Flats: redeveloping former brownfield land in Canada's capital.

Advanced research and scholarship. Theses and dissertations, free to find, free to use. Advanced search options. ProQuest Open Access Dissertations & Theses will remain freely available as part of a new and enhanced ProQuest search experience. Questions? Were you​. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is one of the most requested data-sets for text and data mining because of its broad historic to present-day coverage and.