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Statistics dissertation methodology research paper

Statistics dissertation


Incorporating multi-scale structures and physiological processes into the modeling of animal movement. Spatially varying coefficient models: Theory and methods , Jingru Mu. Topics in recurrent event prediction with generalized non-homogeneous Poisson process NHPP and electronic circuit troubleshooting with Bayesian inference , Qianqian Shan. Bayesian hierarchical modeling for disease outbreaks , Nehemias Ulloa. Studies on semiparametric spatial regression models , Jue Wang. Topics in functional data analysis and machine learning predictive inference , Haozhe Zhang.

Statistical methods for gene expression studies using next-generation sequencing experiments , Ran Bi. Self-exciting spatio-temporal statistical models for count data with applications to modeling the spread of violence , Nicholas John Clark. State space models for partially observed biological and agricultural data , Gabriel Demuth. Choosing cutoff values for correlated continuous diagnostic data to estimate sensitivity and specificity , Yingzhou Du. Leveraging genetic time series data to improve detection of natural selection , Luvenia Nicole Hellams.

Modeling crop phenology using remotely sensed data , Colin Lewis-Beck. Topics in matrix completion and genomic prediction , Xiaojun Mao. Multiple hypothesis testing and RNA-seq differential expression analysis accounting for dependence and relevant covariates , Yet Nguyen. Survey data integration using mass imputation , Seho Park. Learning algorithms for forensic science applications , Soyoung Park. Penalized b-splines and their application with an in depth look at the bivariate tensor product penalized b-spline , Michael Price.

Some Bayesian methods for univariate density estimation , Kathleen Rey. Visualization methods for genealogical and RNA-sequencing studies: Pertinence, software, and applications , Lindsay Rutter. Random forest robustness, variable importance, and tree aggregation , Andrew Sage. Approximate Bayesian approaches and semiparametric methods for handling missing data , Hejian Sang. Selection and assessment of bivariate Markov random field models , Yeon-Jung Seo.

Topics in generalized linear mixed models and spatial subgroup analysis , Xin Wang. Topics in bootstrap methods for survey sampling and spatially balanced design , Zhonglei Wang. Statistical methods for microbiome data and antimicrobial resistance analysis , Chaohui Yuan. Topics in sparse functional data analysis , Weicheng Zhu.

Stratification for area frame surveys with multiple estimation goals , Stephanie Ann Zimmer. Some contributions to k-means clustering problems , Israel A. Bayesian analysis of high-dimensional count data , Ignacio Alvarez-Castro. Nonlinear models with measurement error: Application to vitamin D , Brenna Curley.

Bagged projection methods for supervised classification in big data , Natalia Da Silva Cousillas. Accounting for structure in education assessment data using hierarchical models , Jillian Dawn Downey. Forensic tool mark comparisons: Tests for the null hypothesis of different sources , Jeremy R.

Statistical methods for bullet matching , Eric Riemer Hare. Methods for analysis and uncertainty quantification for processes recorded through sequences of images , Margaret Johnson. On advancing MCMC-based methods for Markovian data structures with applications to deep learning, simulation, and resampling , Andrea Kaplan.

Bayesian inference of virus evolutionary models from next-generation sequencing data , Emily Anne King. Statistical methods for estimation, testing, and clustering with gene expression data , Andrew Lithio. Extending removal and distance-removal models for abundance estimation by modeling detections in continuous time , Adam Martin-Schwarze.

Applications of Bayesian hierarchical models in gene expression and product reliability , Eric Thomas Mittman. Mixture model and subgroup analysis in nationwide kidney transplant center evaluation , Lanfeng Pan.

Topics in statistical inference for massive data and high-dimensional data , Liuhua Peng. Measurement error modeling of physical activity data , Daniel Ries. Statistical methods in modeling disease surveillance data with misclassification , Yaxuan Sun. Nonparametric regression models with and without measurement error in the covariates, for univariate and vector responses: a Bayesian approach , Eduardo Antonio Trujillo-Rivera. Graphical discovery in stochastic actor-oriented models for social network analysis , Samantha Carroll Tyner.

Exploring dependence in binary Markov random field models , Kenneth William Wakeland. Kernel deconvolution density estimation , Guillermo Basulto-Elias. Bayesian contributions to the modeling of multivariate macroeconomic data , Lendie Ruth Follett.

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Summarizing the collected data 1 Analyzing and interpreting data 2 Presenting the results and conclusion 3. Arthur Simeon. Statistics I help PhD scholars with Peter Wager. Statistics I am working for a Dennis McCoy. Arthur Shoemaker.

United Kingdom. Clementine Winslet. United States. Statistics Most of the students find

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Statistics Theses and Dissertations · Follow A framework for statistical and computational reproducibility in large-scale data analysis projects with a focus on​. These statistics aim to summarise your data set, either by focusing on specific groups or on the whole sample. In order to report descriptive and/or. Mathematics and Statistics Theses and Dissertations Statistical Learning of Biomedical Non-Stationary Signals and Quality of Life Modeling, Mahdi Goudarzi​.