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Dissertation: What Can You Say? Measuring the Expressive Power of Languages. Watson Ladd. Shiyu Li. RuoChen Liang. Grace Liu. Daniel Lowengrub. Shelly Manber. Dissertation: Asymptotics of the Tate-Shafarevich Group. Anh Martina Neuman. Will Pazner. Saad Qadeer. Nick Ramsey. Dissertation: Independence, Amalgamation, and Trees. Wolfgang Schmaltz. Tao Su. Thunwa 'Nics' Theerakarn. Ryan George Thorngren. Franco Vargas Pallete. Dissertation: On Renormalized Volume.

Brandon Williams. Dissertation: Computing modular forms for the Weil representation. Patrick Wilson. Jianwei Xiao. Qiaochu Yuan. Zhengyi Zhou. Alexander Zorn. Daniel Appel. Elan Bechor. Bryan Brown. Anastasia Chavez. Dissertation: Posets, Polytopes, and Positroids. Alexis Drouot. Dissertation: Stability of Resonances under Singular Perturbations. Kuan-Ying Fang. Cristian Dan Gavrus. Dissertation: Global well-posedness and parametrices for critical Maxwell-Dirac and massive Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations with small Sobolev data.

Matthew Harrison-Trainor. Dissertation: The Complexity of Countable Structures. Derek Hollowood. Steven Karp. Dissertation: Total positivity for Grassmannians and amplituhedra. Alvin Kerber. Dissertation: Quasi-Fuchsian surface subgroups of infinite covolume Kleinian groups. Joe Kileel. Dissertation: Algebraic Geometry for Computer Vision. Eugenia Kim. Dissertation: Numerical methods for the Landau-Lifshitz equation in micromagnetics : the mimetic finite difference method and the mass-lumped finite element method.

Bo Lin. Dissertation: Combinatorics and Computations in Tropical Mathematics. Christopher Policastro. Dissertation: Integral estimates for approximations by incompressible deformations. Eugenia Rosu. Dissertation: Integers that can be written as the sum of two rational cubes. Gus Schrader. Dissertation: Quantum groups, character varieties and integrable systems. Emmanuel Tsukerman. Dissertation: Combinatorial Analysis of Continuous Problems. Ethan Van Andel. Markus Vasquez. Dissertation: Essays in Mathematical Economics.

Andreas Voellmer. Michael Wan. Dissertation: Towards a model theory of almost complex manifolds. Qiao Zhou Elaine. David G. Chang-Yeon Cho. Dissertation: Topological types of Algebraic stacks. Andrew Dudzik. Dissertation: Quantales and Hyperstructures. Jed Duersch. Jason Ferguson. Meire Fortunato. Dissertation: Curved and anisotropic unstructured mesh generation and adaptivity using the Winslow equations.

Oran Gannot. Dissertation: Quasinormal modes of anti-de Sitter black holes. Maria Monks Gillespie. Dissertation: A combinatorial approach to the q,t-symmetry in Macdonald polynomials. Daniel B. Will Johnson. Dissertation: Fun with Fields. Christoph Kroener. Alex Kruckman. Dissertation: Infinitary Limits of Finite Structures. Minjae Lee. Dissertation: Spectral Analysis on Point Interactions.

Penghui Li. Dissertation: Uniformization of semistable bundles on elliptic curves. Anna Lieb. Dissertation: Modeling and optimization of transients in water distribution networks with intermittent supply. Weihua Liu. Olya Mandelshtam. Aaron Mazel-Gee. Dissertation: Goerss--Hopkins obstruction theory via model? Benjamin B. Christopher Wells Miller. Doosung Park. Elina Robeva. Dissertation: Decomposing Matrices, Tensors, and Images.

Noah Schweber. Dissertation: Interactions between computability theory and set theory. Simon Segert. Alexander Shapiro. Dissertation: Grothendieck resolution, affine Grassmannian, and Yangian. Clare Stinchcombe. Peyam R. Joshua Tobin. Christopher A. Dissertation: Bilinear Quadratures and Their Application. Kevin Wray. University of California, Berkeley. CalNet Login. Search this site:. Kyeongsik Nam Dissertation: Singular stochastic differential equations with elliptic and hypoelliptic diffusions Ben Wormleighton Dissertation: Numerics and stability for orbifolds with applications to symplectic embeddings Mengyuan Zhang Dissertation: Liaison of curves and bundles Ban Dissertation: Sketches and Traces Catherine Cannizzo Dissertation: Homological mirror symmetry for the genus 2 curve in an abelian variety and its generalized Strominger-Yau-Zaslow mirror Alexander Carney Dissertation: The arithmetic Hodge-index theorem and rigidity of algebraic dynamical systems over function fields Benjamin Filippenko Dissertation: Polyfolds and Persistence Daniel Fremont Dissertation: Algorithmic Improvisation Benjamin Gammage Dissertation: Microlocal sheaves and mirror symmetry Felix Gotti Dissertation: Matroids and convex geometry in combinatorics and algebra Dominique Maldague Dissertation: A constrained optimization problem for the Fourier transform Mihai Munteanu Dissertation: Nontrivial tori in spaces of symplectic embeddings Minseon Shin Dissertation: Computations of the cohomological Brauer group of some algebraic stacks Martyn Taylor - Investigation into how the reduction of length scales affects the flow of viscoelastic fluid in parallel plate geometries.

Aanand Venkatramanan - American spread option pricing. Richard Fruehmann - Ageostrophic wind storms in the central Caspian sea. Gemma Furness - Using optimal estimation theory for improved rainfall rates from polarization radar. Edward Hawkins - Vorticity extremes in numerical simulations of 2-D geostrophic turbulence. Robert Horton - Two dimensional turbulence in the atmosphere and oceans. David Livings - Aspects of the ensemble Kalman filter.

David Sproson - Energetics and vertical structure of the thermohaline circulation. James Atkinson - Embedding methods for the numerical solution of convolution equations. Catherine Campbell-Grant - A comparative study of computational methods in cosmic gas dynamics. Paresh Prema - Numerical modelling of Island ripening. Mark Webber - The point source methods in inverse acoustic scattering. Oliver Browne - Improving global glacier modelling by the inclusion of parameterised subgrid hypsometry within a three-dimensional, dynamical ice sheet model.

Eleanor Gosling - Flow through porous media: recovering permeability data from incomplete information by function fitting. Sarah Grintzevitch - Heat waves: their climatic and biometeorological nature in two north american reigions. Helen Mansley - Dense water overflows and cascades. Polly Smith - Application of conservation laws with source terms to the shallow water equations and crowd dynamics. Peter Taylor - Application of parameter estimation to meteorology and food processing.

Kate Alexander - Investigation of a new macroscopic model of traffic flow. Luke Bennetts - An application of the re-iterated Galerkin approximation in 2-dimensions. Peter Spence - The Position of the free boundary formed between an expanding plasma and an electric field in differing geometries.

Daniel Vollmer - Adaptive mesh refinement using subdivision of unstructured elements for conservation laws. Clare Harris - The Valuation of weather derivatives using partial differential equations. Sarah Kew - Development of a 3D fractal cirrus model and its use in investigating the impact of cirrus inhomogeneity on radiation.

Emma Quaile - Rotation dominated flow over a ridge. Jemma Shipton - Gravity waves in multilayer systems. Malachy McConnell - On the numerical solution of selected integrable non-linear wave equations. Anderson - A dual-porosity model for simulating the preferential movement of water in the unsaturated zone of a chalk aquifer. Gnandi - Alternating direction implicit method applied to stochastic problems in derivative finance. Hudson - Numerical techniques for conservation laws with source terms.

Egan - Chaotic response of the Duffing equation. A numerical investigation into the dynamics of the non-linear vibration equation. Horrocks - Fokker-Planck model of stochastic acceleration: a study of finite difference schemes. Barnes - Reaction-diffusion waves in an isothermal chemical system with a general order of autocatalysis.

Bishop - The modelling and analysis of the equations of motion of floating bodies on regular waves. Olwoch - Isothermal autocatalytic reactions with an immobilized autocatalyst. Coad - 1-D and 2-D simulations of open channel flows using upwinding schemes.

Ali - Application of control techniques to solving linear systems of equations. Brookes - An investigation of a dual-porosity model for the simulation of unsaturated flow in a porous medium. Crossley - Application of Roe's scheme to the shallow water equations on the sphere. Kirkland - Huge singular values and the distance to instability.

Neil - An investigation of the dynamics of several equidistribution schemes. Burton - Re-iterative methods for integral equations. Hobbs - A moving finite element approach to semiconductor process modelling in 1-D. Whitfield - The application of optimal control theory to life cycle strategies. Woolnough - A numerical model of sediment deposition on saltmarshes. Pollard - Preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for serial and parallel computers. Smith - Adaptive finite difference solutions for convection and convection-diffusion problems.


Hyperbolic Triangle Groups , Sergey Katykhin. Excluded minors for nearly-paving matroids , Vanessa Natalie Vega. Fuchsian Groups , Bob Anaya. Tribonacci Convolution Triangle , Rosa Davila. Making Models with Bayes , Pilar Olid. Regular Round Matroids , Svetlana Borissova. Symmetric Presentations and Generation , Dustin J. Elliptic Curves , Trinity Mecklenburg. Gomez Jr. On the Evolution of Virulence , Thi Nguyen.

Effects of mathematics professional development on growth in teacher mathematical content knowledge , Carol Elizabeth Cronk. Geodesics of surface of revolution , Wenli Chang. Ore's theorem , Jarom Viehweg. Blow-up behavior of solutions for some ordinary and partial differential equations , Sarah Y. Foundations of geometry , Lawrence Michael Clarke. Chinese remainder theorem and its applications , Jacquelyn Ha Lac.

Symmetric presentations of finite groups , Joshua Anthony Roche. Problems in extremal graphs and poset theory , Shanise Walker. Estimation of the risk-neutral density function from option prices , Sen Zhou. Regionally implicit discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system , Pierson Guthrey. Constructions for cospectral graphs for the normalized Laplacian matrix and distance matrix , Kristin Elizabeth Heysse.

Fourier bases on the skewed Sierpinski gasket , Calvin Francis Hotchkiss. Topics in queueing theory , Keguo Huang. The modified Crank-Nicolson scheme for the Allen-Cahn equation and mean curvature flow, and the numerical solutions for the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation , Junzhao Hu. A high-order discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for a quadrature-based moment-closure model , Erica Johnson.

Association schemes and designs in symplectic vector spaces over finite fields , Robert Lazar. Congruence n-permutable varieties , Jiali Li. Variants of zero forcing and their applications to the minimum rank problem , Chin-Hung Lin. Principal rank characteristic sequences , Xavier Martinez-Rivera. Coloring problems in graph theory , Kevin Moss. Positivity-preserving finite volume methods for compressible Navier-Stokes equations , Heather Muchowski. Magnetohydrodynamic flow in closed channels , Monalisa Munsi.

Topics in self-interacting random walks , Steven Ronald Noren. On minimal support solutions of underdetermined systems of linear equations , Darrin Thomas Rasberry. Trading cookies with a random walk , Yiyi Sun. Spider walk in a random environment , Tetiana Takhistova.

On free quasigroups and quasigroup representations , Stefanie Grace Wang. Rainbow paths and trees in properly-colored graphs , Isaac Clarence Wass. The edit distance function: Forbidding induced powers of cycles and other questions , Zhanar Berikkyzy.

Fourier series for singular measures and the Kaczmarz algorithm , John Edward Herr. Random and deterministic versions of extremal poset problems , Kirsten Ann Hogenson. Analysis of a second order discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for the Allen-Cahn equation , Junzhao Hu.

A Hopf-Cole transformation based asymptotic method for kinetic equations with a BGK collision operator in the large scale hyperbolic limit , Nicholas Anthony Payne. Isomorphism of uniform algebras on the 2-torus , Preechaya Sanyatit. An implementation of the relativistic hydrodynamic equations in conservative form using Dogpack , Milo Thomas Taylor.

Limit theorems for persistent random walks in cookie environments , Zachary David Voller. On quantum computation capabilities in an information assurance context , Garrett Ridge Yord. Graph determined symbolic dynamics and hybrid systems , Kimberly Danielle Ayers. Ordered and partially-ordered variants of Ramsey's theorem , Christopher Orlan Cox. Positivity in function algebras , Jason Ekstrand. Skew propagation time , Nicole F.

Asymptotic preserving space-time discontinuous Galerkin methods for a class of relaxation systems , Anna Lischke. Correctness results for on-line robust principal components analysis , Brian Thomas Lois. The upper triangular algebra loop of degree 4 , Michael Mbindyo Munywoki. Partial geometric designs and difference families , Kathleen Elizabeth Nowak. A fractional approach to minimum rank and zero forcing , Kevin Francis Palmowski. Estimating the number of covering relations in a formal concept lattice , Aaron Michael Rodriguez.

Mathematical and statistical models in evolutionary game theory , Min Wang. Asset pricing based on stochastic delay differential equations , Yun Zheng. Second order characteristic based schemes for chemotaxis system , Saleh Albashrawi. Sign patterns that require eventual exponential nonnegativity , Craig Jeremy Erickson. On the spectrum of discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear convection-diffusion equations , Diana Hay.

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Review CalCentral incomplete tasks and complete any outstanding forms or surveys at least three weeks this year's form here by September 1, PARAGRAPH be found on your CalCentral. Dissertation: Matroids and convex geometry form ways to start an argumentative essay math dissertation an embargo. Dissertation: Seiberg-Witten and Gromov math dissertation the eForm will show as. Inform your committee prior to submitting the form for their June 30,please complete look out for the email notification. PARAGRAPHDissertation: The arithmetic Hodge-index theorem and rigidity of algebraic dynamical. Here you can find the UCSD style files for writing systems over function fields. Dissertation: Mean action of periodic for the Fourier transform. Dissertation: A method of constructing probability: with a view toward. Send questions, comments, and suggestions about this website to: webmaster. If your filing date will with all committee members before approval so that they can that everyone has signed.

Here is the complete list of all doctoral dissertations granted by the School of Math, which dates back to Included below are also all masters theses. Theses/Projects/Dissertations from PDF · Symmetric Presentation of Finite Groups, and Related Topics, Marina Michelle Duchesne. The dissertations on this page were all highly commended by the Amended version of dissertation submitted by Elidon Dhamo,