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Shaq phd dissertation

We're not exactly sure how one of the largest and most famous men in the world can go unnoticed in a moderately-sized Catholic school. Kopp assured us that Shaq has not gotten special treatment in taking his classes: "He's done everything a traditional student would do. He has come to classes, but we have accomodated his NBA schedule and his work schedule.

He adds: "He's a very impressive guy, very inquisitive, and it's a pleasure to have him as a student. I think the degree will serve as an example for others, and he should be very proud of himself. On May 5, Shaq will hold a press conference about his impending graduation, according to Kopp. That will most likely be one of those trademark wacky events Shaq likes to put on. Shaq, we know you're reading this. Don't be The Big Ivory Tower. The world wants to know the proper ratio of humor and seriousness that should be utilized when leading things.

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By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. McCarthy Mar 5, Uncategorized 1. Casual observers — such as the upward of 6. Shaq delivered a keynote address on Feb. Shaq, that is.

What can the good doctor teach us about comedy? Particularly since he delivered it alongside his faculty advisor, David M. Why are you still getting sidetracked by Barry University? Focus, people! I frequently utilize humor with my employees and colleagues alike to get my ideas across, as well as a specific tactic to improve performance of followers. Now, tell me what you would do in a situation as damaging as this — what would you say to me right now?

The employee thought a bit and responded You would say that I expect more out of you and this is unacceptable and better never happen again. Have a great day and kiss the kids for me. On her blog Silence Before The Applause , SMU student Monica wrote that Shaq touched on the importance of timing, situation and audience in delivering humor — as well as the gender makeup of your audience.

Why so serious, ladies? Tell us, Dr.

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Science research paper format He wasn't a brainiac, but he tried hard. Barry spokesman Michael Laderman said O'Neal didn't get any special treatment and the oral presentations, known as Shaq phd dissertation Projects, are standard for doctorates in education, including at Ivy League schools. Kopp assured us that Shaq has not gotten special treatment in taking his classes: "He's done everything a traditional student would do. Or, at any rate, I couldn't find his. I think it's laudable that O'Neal put in the time and effort to get through Barry's program.
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Shaq phd dissertation As much as I love the guy, I don't know how useful his advice would be. Shaq is like a black Shaq phd dissertation Brent Reply. And Barry sucks about making its student's dissertations available on-line. Shaq is one prospective student that I actually will recommend go to law school. He does what he wants and has fun doing it, and it's never that idiotic trash-a-hotel-room kind of "fun" that some famous people do. Now I get to point to Shaq and note that I'm in good company only he actually got to do it.
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Shaq phd dissertation O'Neal's final project sounds like something he could have slapped together on buy my essay set of shaq phd dissertation the NBA. When I think doctorate, I think of some student slaving for years over research that will land in some arcane journal, but might actually unearth some useful information. Since we started Miami New Timesit has been defined as the free, independent voice of Miami, and we would like to keep it that way. And that's all I'm going to say on a public forum. But alas, Shaq is getting not a PhD but a Ed.
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TIL Shaq has a doctorate in education and wrote his thesis on humour in the workplace · TIL Texas didn't have safety regulations on natural gas. › news › fl-xpmfl-dr-shaq-mayocol-b. Now that he's earned a doctoral degree, bringing much attention to himself and Barry University in Shaq's thesis or research dissertation.