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Mba dissertation proposal

Thet Swe Aye. Harold Mnjuzi. Malven Mugadzikwa , Reporter at zimpapers at zimpapers. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. MBA Dissertation Proposal Example: An effective source ofDissertation HelpDissertation is one of the major writing projects that the students of MBA degreeprogram face as a compulsory requirement of their degree course. Dissertation is actuallya research based writing essay in which students need to write about their findings aboutany of the topics that is related to their study field after conducting an effective researchabout it.

It is considered to be the most significant writing task for the MBA studentsbecause half of their degree marks relies on the successful submission of this dissertationessay. The MBA dissertation writing process starts with the submission of an effective proposalin which students offer their dissertation ideas to their professors for seeking theirpermission in order to start their working on those ideas.

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These examples are easily available online. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Besides, whether fundamental changes in its education and training systems are necessary to ensure its suitability in the new business conditions, and to make advances to a new decision supportive capacity? When hypothesis is ready, the dissertation enters a new phase, where all sorts of evidence — literature review, methodology, findings, and conclusions - associate with the hypothesis.

Therefore, presented below is the hypothesis, a transparent one indeed. Fundamental changes within the education and training systems of management accounting are necessary to ensure its suitability in the changing business environments after Research questions - the conventional role of management accounting was to provide information for managerial decisions. This role became moot when the needs of the reshaped organizations for management accounting services changed in the new business environments after Hence, three conflicting views, as stated earlier, surfaced regarding this role.

With these controversial views in mind, given below are seven research questions designed to gather information for this study. As the entire study revolves around these key research questions, chapter two, literature review thoroughly covers them. Besides, all these research questions are included in the questionnaire to collect primary data. Please see appendix 2 for questionnaire 1.

Is the conventional role of management accounting, providing information to support managerial decisions, suitable in the new business environments after? Has management accounting introduced fundamental changes in its education and training systems to adapt to the new business conditions?

Has management accounting introduced advanced tools and techniques to meet the modified accounting requirements of the reshaped organisations? Has the demand for the conventional role of management accounting increased in the changing business environments after ?

Has management accounting made any advances from its decision supporting role to a new decision-making role in the changing business conditions after ? What has been the impact of the changing business environments on the traditional role of management accounting after, harmful or beneficial? Though defined in different ways, a theory is an idea based on two or more interrelated factors, the interaction of which produces problem or solution of the problem. For instance, demand and supply theory Adam Smith helps in understanding how price rises or falls with the increase or decrease in the demand or supply of a product or service, now a problem.

However, identifying the factors behind increased or decreased prices is another theory, this time the solution of the problem. According to Kerlinger , cited in Creswell, , p. According to University of Southern California , p. Now, this discussion can safely approach theoretical and conceptual framework, two terms often used interchangeably for the same purpose, although, they are different structures for different purposes.

The theoretical framework presented below clearly demonstrates relationship among more than two factors, the interaction of which has caused this problem. This relationship of dependent and independent factors points towards a theory base.

A theory base or theoretical context is provided by the existing literature pertaining to the issue under investigation. These theories are nowhere else, but within the relevant literature. As the problem under investigation is the impact of changing business environments on management accounting after , the key concepts emerging are: changing business environments, change in business organizations, increase or decrease in the demand for accounting services, change in education and training systems, suitability and unsuitability of management accounting, new business conditions.

Hence, these concepts point towards some theories. Therefore, this work can be related to the theories underpinning this research study. They are organizational change theory, Contingency theory, and theory of supply and demand. The purpose of the theoretical framework is to illustrate the theorised relationship between relevant factors, as demonstrated below. Conceptual framework — a conceptual framework is the combination of interrelated concepts, which are the components of a theory.

However, conceptual framework starts from the point where theoretical framework stops, and that point is the research problem as illustrated above. It starts from the problem and looks backward to identify the independent factors that cause the problem. Research Problem Dependent factors Independents factors Figure1: Theoretical and conceptual frameworks Interrelated concepts: suitability, unsuitability, management accounting, traditional role, business environments, changes after , impact, etc.

This problem revolves around the conventional role of management accounting, as the dependent factor, and the impact of changing business environments that emerged after , as the independent factors behind this research problem. The existing literature relating to this issue will provide conceptual context to support this problem.

Hence, conceptual framework, and conceptual context are different aspects of the study. Similarly, it will indeed be helpful to understanding the difference of theory, theoretical framework, theoretical context, theoretical base, and theoretical perspectives. However, the scope of this paper restricts an explanation. Since controversies and gaps have, in the existing studies, been identified, this is the focal point, from which flows the justification for this research.

Significance of this research embodies theoretical and practical aspects. Hence, theoretical significance of this research topic stems from the theoretical framework it provides, and theory base in the existing literature, to which it relates. Its practical significance originates from the opportunity it offers to enhance own managerial knowledge and skills. In addition, this study offers useful insight to consultants and managers, as the professionals who acquire sound knowledge relating to this issue can have a distinct advantage over those who are less well equipped.

Since this research will benefit two main areas, theory and practice, it is a nexus where research meets theory and practice. As illustrated below, this investigation determines the inseparable relationship of these areas. Research problem and objectives have been stated earlier. Methodology, on which depends the attainment of the research objectives, consisted of survey as strategy of enquiry.

Justified by survey methodology, data collection methods will consist of telephone interviews. These interviews will be conducted with seven chartered management accountants to gather the necessary information. Therefore, given below is the research process outlining the methodology for this research study. Management accounting is also a branch of accountancy. As Zimmerman , p. External business environment — Johnson and Kaplan describe external environments as the radical changes in the business surrounding after , pursuant to advances of technology, and emergence of globalization, etc.

Besides, the chapter will present the theoretical context of the study to address four vital areas related to this research problem. These areas are specifying the traditional role of management accounting, determining the changes in managerial decision making needs after , assessing the suitability or unsuitability of management accounting after , and establishing the need for fundamental changes in theory and practice of management accounting to ensure its suitability in the changing business environments.

Chapter three, research methodology: this chapter will describe the need for primary data, rational behind choosing quantitative research approach, research design justified by the key elements presented in the first two chapters.

Besides, it will presents research sample, instruments, pilot study, ethical issues, and limitations, etc. Chapter four, the analysis and presentation of data: this chapter will present the analyses of data gathered, by employing descriptive and inferential statistical methods. Besides, it will present research findings, and discussion regarding the findings. Chapter five, conclusions and recommendations: this final chapter will review and conclude the entire dissertation.

To do so in a coherent order, the chapter will be divided into sections and sub-sections to lead the reader along in a logical series of steps. Chapter six, personal development: this chapter will presents personal developments evolved through this research study.

That is, the suitability of the conventional role of management accounting in the changing business environments after These changing environments affected the traditional role of management accounting, which has, since its evolution from cost accounting after , been that of providing information to meet managerial decision making needs.

These needs appear to have changed after , when revolutionary changes in the global business environments forced organizations to make sweeping changes within their structure, operations, and systems to adapt to the new conditions. Pursuant to these changes, their needs for management accounting services also changed. These changes raised question about the adequacy of management accounting in the new situation.

On the other hand, management accounting commissioned its own research studies that lasted for over nine years and raised, regarding its suitability in the new situation, further questions still waiting for their answers. Therefore, the suitability of the conventional role of management accounting in the changing business conditions surfaced as a controversial issue, which excited tremendous research interests. Hence, this is the focal point for this research, around which revolves this literature review.

It will also review the inconsistencies and controversies in the existing studies. Hence, this research will benefit from the ideas in the existing works to support the arguments for this study. However, this supportive knowledge is nowhere else, but in the existing literature pertaining to this topic. Therefore, literature review is the basic source to satisfy the requirements of this research study. Therefore, to satisfy these requirements, the literature review is to identify the existing studies that associate with the area of this investigation.

This will not only display what already exists, but will also situate this study within a relevant body of knowledge. Hence, it will also present a connection between existing works and this research.

In doing so, this process will also comply with a research tradition that is to provide a link between the existing body of knowledge, and knowledge to originate through this research study. Furthermore, as maintain Bryman , p. However, it now remains to see if this literature review satisfies the objectives stated above because its quality will rest nowhere else, but on meeting these criteria. Therefore, this effort has identified the relevant literature consisted of books, dissertations, reports, journal articles, and websites.

This work has been grouped into four key areas. These areas have a strong relationship with research problem, questions, and hypothesis stated in chapter one. Each group of the relevant literature associates with nothing else, but with a specific aspect of the research problem. Then, each aspect logically links to the next one, so that this investigation moves smoothly in a logical series of steps. Therefore, presented below are these four aspects - the dimensions - of this issue connected to one another like the links of a chain.

As no chain is stronger than its weakest link, so also no literature review can be sure of its effectiveness, unless the quality of the material, its evaluation, analysis, and synthesis are acceptable. Therefore, presented below are the four basic aspects, which, while covering the research problem, hypothesis, and questions, will attempt to find answers to the unanswered questions identified in the existing studies.

Establishing the traditional role of management accounting and its demand for managerial decision making needs before Examining the change in managerial decision making needs after , and factors behind this change. Evaluating the three conflicting views regarding the conventional role of management accounting in the changing business environment after Assessing the significance of change in the education and training systems of management accounting to ensure its usefulness in the changing business conditions.

Ashton, Hopper, and Scapens , p. Hence, role of management accounting, demand for its services, managerial decision making needs are important concepts in this respect. As there are, in this regards, no opposing views in the existing literature, further evaluation and analysis seems to be unnecessary here.

It also reviews the main factors behind such changes. The evidence that support these view based on the organizational and strategic changes that took place within business organizations to adapt to the new business surroundings after Pursuant to revolutionary advances in technology, changes in the structures, operations and systems of business organizations, the needs for managerial decision making have also changed.

These changes impacted the demand for the traditional role of management accounting services for managerial decision making. Essay Coursework , Gillespie , and CIPD reaffirm that the changes in political, economic, social, technological, and legal factors caused the changes in business environment after Illustrated below are the factors behind these changes.

The advent of globalization has also played an important role in this respect Segal-Horn , p. Changing product life cycle is another important factor Drury , p. As Parker , p. The other researchers who support this view include: Gabbin , p. The supporters of this idea have been unable to present any theory or logical reason to support their claims.

This view claims that management accounting has made advances from its decision supporting role to a new decision-making role in the changing business situation after The main advocates of this colourful idea, without an theory or logical reasons, are Bhimani, et al. Management accountant is an integral part of management teams.

To achieve this, they work as an integral part of multi-skilled management teams in carrying out the formulation of policy and setting of corporate objectives, and formulation of strategic plans derived from corporate objectives Thus Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is also one of those who claim that several management accountants are now working as the members of the management teams.

Therefore, they can influence the strategy formulation. Besides, they are called financial advisors, and management consultants, instead of management accountants. Zimmerman , p. Zimmerman states that a survey of practicing US accountants, which was conducted to test the claims of advances made by management accounting. The responses from the participants divide into three groups in accordance with the varying views about such claims, as follows: First group: management accountants were not participating in the process of decision making at all.

Instead, they were acting as supporters for the decision makers. Second group: the role of management accounting is very different after Growing number of management accountants spent bulk of their time as internal consultants or as business consultants, since technological advances have released them from the technical aspects of accounting. They also actively involved in decision making process.

Third group: The role of management accountants has shifted from serving internal customers to a new role of being a business partner. As a business partner, management accountant has the authority and responsibility to tell an operating executive why particular Information may or may not be relevant for decision making.

Percentage of the responses - however, Zimmerman has not indicated what was the percentage of these three varying responses out of the sample of accountants? The secret of long-term organizational success is the ability to adapt to the changing conditions. According to Black and Gregersen , p. Orgland , p. As indicates Heller , p. From the statements presented above, it is clear that change is crucial to survive and thrive in the changing business environments.

Hence, it is difficult to controvert this universal truth, and the tool of decided value, which can equally be effective in the situation facing management accounting after Its success and usefulness seems to be nowhere else, but in adapting to the changing business environments, and this is possible by nothing else, but only through fundamental changes in its education and training systems.

A system that measures performance 2. A system that rewards performance or punishes it 3. A system that partitions the rights of decision making According to Zimmerman, the design of an organizational structure heavily rests on three systems stated above. Any change in one system will certainly results in changes in the others systems too.

One of these systems, performance measurement, falls in the sphere of management accounting. Therefore, any change in the other systems will inevitably change the management accounting system of a business organization. After illustrating the importance of change for the success of an organization, the next important step is to evaluate the claims of advances of management accounting from decision supporting to a new decision-making role presented in phase three.

However, it is preferable that these assertions should justly be tested on some universally acceptable principles, for instance: 1. What are the changes made by management accounting to adapt to the new situation? Is there any increase in the demand of management accounting services after ?

Have any new tools and techniques been developed that have enhanced its capacity? As Burns, Ezzamel and Scapens , p. Instead, the changes are merely in the way management accounting is being used by business organizations today. Besides, supported by conclusive evidence, the facts presented below reveal the nature of the changes, on which the advancement of management accounting from decision supporting to a new decision making role should have been established.

In the light of the views of Cooper and Dart, it can safely be argued that there is no sufficient evidence to claim that management accounting has adopted new tools and techniques, or it has made the necessary changes in its theory and practice to adapt to the changing conditions after Therefore, the assertions of its suitability in the changing business environments, and the claims of its advances to a new role seem to be illogical. Summary The evidence revealed by the existing literature, indicates that certain external factors that emerged after as a result of global changes in the business environments have impacted the suitability of conventional role of management accounting.

Therefore, that role has less utility for the restructured business organization after The view that the traditional role of management accounting is unsuitable in the changing business environments after is supported by three important theories, which are organizational change theory, Contingency theory, and theory of supply and demand. The second claim that in the changing business environments after management accounting is capable of functioning adequately without any radical changes in its theory and practice, seems to be unfounded, as it has no theory or logical reasoning to support this view.

So also is the third view, which maintains that management accounting has made advances from its decision supporting to a new decision making role. This view is not supported by any theory. It even denies the significance of the theories stated above.

The objectives of this study, as stated in chapter one, are to determine whether the traditional role of management accounting is suitable in the new business surroundings after , and whether fundamental changes in its education and training systems are necessary to ensure its suitability in the new conditions. Hence, the chosen methodology will revolve around an account of the evidence required for this investigation. In doing so, it will describe the way, in which to collect the evidence, and why to collect it in that way.

Thus, it will indicate the data required, choice of methods, and the reason behind this decision. In other words, interlinking three basic elements, what, how and why, this effort will provide an overall framework leading to the preparation of research design suggesting the strategy of inquiry guiding the collection and analysis of primary data to be gathered through a quantitative research approach. Rationale for choosing quantitative approach — according to Creswell , p.

As all vital elements are present in this study, quantitative approach is preferable. Besides, quantitative approach incorporates practices and norms of natural sciences, seeks precise measurement, and attempts to quantify the research problem. Hence, this approach is conclusive in its purpose, as it tests the hypothesis through empirical evidence obtained by examining the cause and effect relationship between interconnected variables, as is the situation facing this investigation.

Furthermore, control, precision and replication are some other important features of quantitative approach. In contrast, qualitative research approach lacks the attributes stated above.


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Let me know. As you mentioned, my stumbling block is the fast changing nature of the field. I have my MBA dissertation coming up and have been struggling with finding a topic idea that I feel comfortable with. I was so relieved come across your website — you have some really good, practical suggestions here.

I enjoy writing, so have no problem with that part. Do you have any suggestions or good sites I could go to help with that? Good luck. This is an excellent MBA sample dissertation. I appreciate the fact that you post examples so those of us who are flailing around trying to decide how to go about this can benefit.

Thanks for providing a great service. It will be published early It is the US people have had to pay dearly for the toxic assets bought by Nama. Banks in Ireland are not lending, nor are they in the UK. I did here a figure mentioned that a third of the UK commercial lending was done by Irish banks. Thanks so much for all this work! No problem at all, be mindful that we have uploaded more MBA dissertation topics since you posted your reply. Hopefully, there are more titles that will interest you further.

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It can take a very long time to get your sources all together, your thoughts prepared, and your draft read and edit once more. That is about the length of a novel at the longest. Obviously, this differs by university or college.

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Best of luck to you. Thank you for compiling a comprehensive list of topics for MBA students. Thanks Alex — Our main MBA dissertation topics page has more titles which have been added over the past couple of months. Follow the example of this sample and keep your thesis proposal free from mistakes cs. Impress your professors by using this professional looking template for pitching your thesis subject schools-out. The use of italics, fonts, bold letter should be kept in mind while writing a proposal of your own cas.

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(Research Proposal for an MBA Dissertation) Topic: Management Accounting in the Changing Business Environment after Mahboob Rubbani. Important. MBA Research Proposal: 5 Writing Tips to Present a Masterpiece · Come up with the topic · Create a very good introduction for your research. MBA Dissertation. The Investment Behaviour of retail investors. Role of individuals' financial behaviour in the. Spanish Securities Market. MBA in Finance.