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Proquest dissertation and theses


Duffus, Gavin. Independent niche retail: board game cafe location and classification. Unknown Author, None. Eavis, Melissa. Kineto-elastic analysis of modular robot systems with component model updating. Mohamed, Richard P. Gerl, Dean Anthony Marjan. Yuen, Christopher Chun Kong. Experimental determination of solvent gas dispersion in vapex process. El-Haj, Randa E. Misogyny and gaming: the maintenance of a male-gendered gamer culture.

Kendrick, Stephanie. Siddiqi, Sara. Sarkar, Rudra. Zambri, Matthew. Mozaffar, Tanweer. So I left, now what? Social service workers perspective on immigrant women's service utilization after leaving an abusive relationship. Asiamah, Shirley Owusuaa.

Barriers to Mid-Rise Development in Toronto. Brown, Robyn. Poetry and reason: means and meanings of the moving image. Pelovska, Iona. Ali, Nadia. Seburn, Ruth-Anne. Bernier, Elisa Katrine. Evaluating perception towards electric vehicles in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Goodfield, Joshua. A closer examination of facets of social interactions in predicting posttraumatic stress disorder and factors that moderate these associations. Ennis, Naomi. Puddephatt, Karen Joan.

An Accidental Architecture the Architecture of the Imperfect. Maleki, Kavosh. Numerical calculation of elastic properties of FCC crystals using molecular dynamics simulation. Szydlowski, Robert. Philosophy, history and progress. Camporese, Paolo Leone. Informing the informal: visualizing laneway housing and increased density in Toronto. Behrooz, Samira. Rural access to education through digital media. Menker, Bezayit. Cervical spine multi-body mathematical model. Taha, Ali. Van Ooteghem, Danielle.

Novik, VAdim. Hiding in the bushes: the social and political dynamics in near-campus communities and the case of student housing in Hamilton, Ontario. Erl, Chris. Do development permit systems inherently facilitate intensification objectives? Kashin, Brandon. Canay, Leona Carmelita Pagunuran. Thornton, Taylor Ardel. Analysis of impact of machine-type-communication on human-type communication over wireless communication networks. Sidhu, Parampreet. Woolnough, Samantha.

Second generation of the diagnostic tool for the In vivo measurement of strontium levels in human bone. Sibai, Mira. Flood, Kristen. Understanding creative hubs : the agglomeration of creativity in Toronto. Chen XiaoXuan, Amanda. Junke, Jeff. Walking in the winter: a qualitative study to identify environmental barriers encountered by seniors.

Siva, Herthana. Ricciuti, Sasha C. Coates, William P. Pentikainen, Paul. Citizenship acts: queer migrants and the negotiation of identity and belonging at Toronto Pride Week Black, Johannah May. Silva, Robert Da. Testing a model of psychosocial outcomes among adults living with mental illness accessing community-based services. Energy-aware ant colony optimization based routing for mobile ad hoc networks.

Harishankar, Ssowjanya. Dignan, Cherilyn. Monitoring biofilm Co2 production in response to antibiotic exposures. Jackson, Lindsay. Hoang, Daniel. Al-Nabi, Ehsan. Oziel, Sandra. The Vibration of a Beam under a Traversing Load.

Wu, Kan-Chen Jane. Faster and optimal detection of parametric shapes. Thayilchira, Shynimol E. Over the past 60 years, PQDT has amassed more than 1. ProQuest began digitizing dissertations in from a microform archive. This database -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that Dissertation Abstracts be merged into this article. Discuss Proposed since February Information Intelligence Online Libraries and Microcomputers.


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