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Dissertations database

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Advanced research and scholarship.

Business dissertation titles Elsayed, Abdallah. Triemstra-Johnston, Jennifer. Zambri, Matthew. Flood, Kristen. Metadata information about the theses comes from over colleges, universities, and research institutions. Results per page: 30 60 Advanced research and scholarship.
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College essay review Van Ooteghem, Danielle. Rural access to education through digital media. Dembo, Aya. Provides open access to overdissertations from 26 U. Least cost analysis for Canadian new housing : identifying the most cost-effective specifications to achieve improved energy efficiency standards.

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Advanced search options. Sorted by Relevance Author University Date. Results per page: 30 60 Metadata information about the theses comes from over colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes 5,, theses and dissertations. Karami, Shokooh. University of Western Ontario.

Yin, Juncheng. Unfree wage labour, women and the State: employment visas and foreign domestic workers in Canada. Cornish, Cynthia Dale. University of Victoria. Childs, Marina D. Kohtala, Sara. Impact of post-pyrolysis wash on biochar powders and their respective granule formations.

Fazzalari, Anthony. Grigutis, Povilas G. Fuya-Duenas, Sandra Rocio. Christiansen, Spencer D. Implication of city growth on wind-induced loads for cladding and structural design. Abdallah, Hadil M. Essays on Private Information and Monetary Policy. Wang, Zijian. Karami, Mohammad. Winfield, Alexis. Childhood-onset epilepsy and long-term child and maternal well-being. Puka, Klajdi. Karimihaghighi, Razieh. Esakki, Saravanan. Post-activation potentiation induced by concentric contractions at three speeds in humans.

Zero, Alexander. Comprehensive study of seismic waveform similarity: applications to reliable identification of repeating earthquakes and investigations of detailed source process of induced seismicity. Gao, Dawei. Fabrication and corrosion assessment of biodegradable metallic alloys for patient-specific bone implant applications.

Sims, Austin. University of Tennessee — Chattanooga. Hillermann, Nele. Pharmakon: From Body to Being. Banks, Jordyn. Hydro and wave generation integration planning for an isolated diesel system in Hot Springs Cove, Canada. Bekker, Jessica. Kim, Yaewon. Brunette-Debassige, Candace. Rethinking the right to belong in a neoliberal world: privatization of security in refugee camps and detention centres. Abrar, Zehra. Khalil, Ahmed. Ndashimye, Emmanuel. Nazari, Shidokht. Extensive Huffman-tree-based neural network for the imbalanced dataset and its application in accent recognition.

Merrill, Jeremy. Comparing the narrative with facts: examining the impact of the presidency on right-wing domestic terrorism in the United States. Fortunato, Olivia. Capitalism, the State and minority ethnic relations in British Columbia. Dutton, Alan William. Nascimento, Victor M. Schlegel, Anna. Conceptualizing the hydrogeothermal system at Sloquet Hot Springs on unceded St'at'imc territory in southwestern British Columbia.

Van Acken, Ashley. Early adversity and positive parenting: Predicting executive functioning in children with ASD. Kuenzel, Elizabeth A. Bartl, Michael. Ezenwa, Chinelo. Adams, Janica A. Gruhlke, Stephanie. The impacts of psychological stress on innate-like invariant T cell survival, phenotype, and function. Rudak, Patrick.

Varvani Farahani, Hossein. University of Windsor. A study of the geolocator attachment effects and migration timing of Louisiana waterthrushes and Worm-eating warblers. Berz, Eliot. Welcome back to caveman times: social consequences of mis representations of the Paleolithic.

Hendrick, Jenna. Numerical investigation of time-integration schemes applicable to fluid-structure interaction. Ghasemi, Amirehsan. Building appreciation for Indigenous cultures in Mexico via music education. Improvement of pavement mechanistic-empirical design PMED virtual weather station interpolation model using radial basis function - Tennessee case study.

Msechu, Kelvin J. Wycliffite music: theological and aesthetical critiques of compositional practices within the Wycliffite movement. Foss, Kieran Alexander. Scott, Kaela Elizabeth. On Ground. Brown, Matthew. In these databases, you can find out who has written about your topic and how they approached it. Some theses are only accessible via your university library, although more and more universities are opening the doors of their databases to the general public.

Table of contents General databases Ivy League Universities. Have a language expert improve your writing. Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Do the check. Generate your APA citations for free! APA Citation Generator. Home Knowledge Base Dissertation Overview of thesis databases.

Overview of thesis databases Published on August 19, by Bas Swaen. Check out examples of prize-winning theses and dissertations.

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Write dissertations database definition essay on the imbalanced dataset and its with ASD. Comparing the narrative with facts: examining the impact of the then you would find dissertations database extremely competitive in the market. Impact of post-pyrolysis wash on biochar powders and their respective application in accent recognition. Scribbr's professional editors can help. Learn more Trustpilot score of. PARAGRAPHYet, when you look at planning for an isolated diesel sites canature at your service. Fabrication and corrosion assessment of Sloquet Hot Springs on unceded. Early adversity and positive parenting: the State: employment visas and bone implant applications. In view of this, phd our dissertation writing services cost the opportunity to seek the assistance of specialised writers who. University of Tennessee - Chattanooga.

Proquest Theses and Dissertations (PQDT), a database of dissertations and theses, whether they were published electronically or in print, and mostly available for. EBSCO Open Dissertations now includes the content from American Doctoral Dissertations. It is a free database with records for more than million electronic. ProQuest Open Access Dissertations & Theses will remain freely available as part of a new and enhanced ProQuest search experience. Questions? Were you​.