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Proquest dissertation search

Toggle navigation The University of Chicago Library. Finding Dissertations and Theses from Other Institutions. Search Library Guides Search. How do I find dissertations and theses? Single access point for North American dissertations and theses with significant and growing international coverage. Includes citations for materials from the first U. Starting in full-text is often available.

If full-text is not available information about ordering the document is provided. North America. EThOS » more less Register for free to download theses and dissertations. International organization for ETDs. Theses Canada Portal Central access point for Canadian theses. See ProQuest database also. The combined catalogs of French academic libraries. Digitaler Dissertationen in Deutschland A gateway to online dissertation sites of many German universities. A gateway to online dissertation sites of many German universities.

Tesionline Italian service from the Corriere della sera. Provides bibliographic and full text access to over 8, Italian theses and dissertations, from the bachelors level to doctoral dissertations. Portal for European Electronic Theses and Dissertations. For example, search for documents originally published in Spanish by searching for an alternate title in English.

AU Kinsley, Michael. Use to find documents written by a particular author. Cited Author. CAU Greenspan. Use to search for an author that is part of the Cited References section of a record. Cited Document Title. CTI Mortgages. Use to search for document titles that are part of the Cited References section of a record. Cited Publication Date.

CYR October Use to search for publication dates that are part of the Cited References section of a record. Cited Publication Title. CPUB economist. Use to search for a publication title that is part of the Cited References section of a record. Committee Member. CMT Frazier, Michael. Use to search for dissertations reviewed by specific committee members. If you're unsure of the spelling of a name, try using truncation.

Use to search on a graduate work for a particular degree, such as Ed. Also used to search for degree names. DEP Computer Science. Use this field to search for dissertations granted by a specific department. Document Text.

FT Mortgage backed securities. Search for keywords in the body of the document. The abstracts are not included in this search. Document Title. Locates the occurrence of search words in the title of the document. Index Terms. DISKW habitat selection. Use this field to look for dissertations or theses by keyword.

You can run a search for any keyword. Index terms in this field do not conform to any controlled vocabulary. When an author submits their dissertation or thesis to ProQuest, they can optionally assign up to six keywords to describe their graduate work. ProQuest may also assign index terms to improve discoverability. See the Subject headings all entry for additional information about Subject headings all.

ISBN 91 1. ISBN Spaces are required in the ten-digit ISBN searches do not enter hyphens. The 13 digit ISBN works just fine with or without any spaces or hyphens. LA Spanish. Use to locate the original language of the document. Search for a specific dissertation by publication number. This number appears in each citation.

You can include or omit any dashes. Publication year. YR Use to find a specific publication year. REF nanotubes. Use the reference search field to look for the data in a cited reference. It will search all of the main components of a cited reference cited author, cited document title, cited publication date and cited publication title.

School location. Lets you search for a school in a specific geographic location, such as state, province or country.


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