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Doctoral dissertation award example of a dissertation proposal

Doctoral dissertation award

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Selection Process The jury will utilize both asynchronous scoring and synchronous discussion to arrive at a final decision as to who wins any award. Through the evaluation platform or system, jury members will rate each nominee on a scale of 10 highest to 1 lowest on each of the five criteria listed above.

Jury members should also submit a brief synopsis summarizing the most exemplary accomplishments of that nominee. Only one winner will be selected in a given year. In the event of a tie that cannot be resolved through synchronous discussion, the jury chair will identify an additional jury member to break the tie. This new jury member will evaluate only the tied nominations and will rate them using the same criteria used by the other jurors. It also names as Fellows and Distinguished Members those members who, in addition to professional accomplishments, have made significant contributions to ACM's mission.

ACM awards recognize achievements by young computing professionals, educators, theoretical computer scientists, software systems innovators, and pioneers who have made humanitarian and cross-discipline contributions. ACM recognizes the contributions of individuals working primarily within specific regions of the world through awards given by its regional councils, and through partnerships with international societies.

Award nominations deadlines occur throughout the year, with a heavy concentration in January. Please refer to the Nomination Process page for each award, which includes not only information about the deadline but also guidance for preparing each type of nomination. ACM's conflict-of-interest guidelines apply to all award nominations.

At the core of the ACM Awards program is a dedicated group of volunteers who serve on the committees of the ACM Awards to recognize individuals for their excellence in the computing fields. ACM welcomes proposals for the establishment of new awards, to recognize contributions based on merit, service, or for an outstanding paper. Chelsea Finn of University of California, Berkeley has received ACM's Doctoral Dissertation Award for introducing algorithms for meta-learning that enable deep networks to solve new tasks from small datasets.

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The ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award is awarded annually by the Association for Computing Machinery to the authors of the best doctoral dissertations in computer science and computer engineering. The award is accompanied by a prize of US $20, About ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award. Presented annually to the author(s) of the best doctoral dissertation(s) in computer science and engineering. Chelsea Finn of University of California, Berkeley has received ACM's Doctoral Dissertation Award for introducing algorithms for meta-learning that enable.