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Dissertation examples in education music dissertations

Dissertation examples in education

The College of Education Dissertations and Theses Series is comprised of dissertations authored by Marquette University's College of Education doctoral and master's students.

Dissertation model George Harrison Hendricks. Making sense of a child's traumatization: Adult caregivers' construction of meaning and perception of roleMargaret M Jacques. Exploring Characteristics of Public School Facilities and Resources and the Relationship with Teacher Retention brendlecorumadisstitlepageandabstract. Danling Fu, chair. Walking side by sideErin Denise Knepler. Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.
Dissertation examples in education Mary K. Skip to main content. Swapna Kumar, chair. Non-sexual boundary crossings in clinical supervision: Can they be beneficial? Guarding the sacred fires: Elizabeth E. Thomas Dana, chair. Elizabeth Bondy, co-chairs.
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How to write a essay for university Danling Fu, co-chairs. Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. Stephen Ray Fisher. Amie Brock Snow. Danling Fu, chair.
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Maria Coady, chair. Thomas Dana, chair. Brianna Kennedy-Lewis, chair. Mary K. Alyson Adams, chair. Danling Fu, chair. Elizabeth Bondy, chair. Tim Jacobbe, co-chairs. Tim Jacobbe, chair. Kent Crippen, chair. Kent Crippen, co-chairs. Nancy Dana, co-chairs. Ruth Lowery, chair.

Sevan Terzian, co-chairs. Erik Black, chair. Kristin Heathcock : Just-in-case or Just-in-time? Thomasenia Adams, co-chairs. Thomasenia Adams, chair. Albert Ritzhaupt, co-chairs. Linda Jones, chair. Rose Pringle, chair.

Dorene Ross, co-chairs. Alyson Adams, co-chairs. Elizabeth Washington, chair. African American counseling psychology doctoral students: Experiences with academic and non-academic support , Adanna Jinaki Johnson. A woman's leadership experience at a private coeducational university in the Midwest , Theonestina K Katundano. Walking side by side , Erin Denise Knepler.

Students in wheelchairs and their teachers: Perceptions of a visual cue of disability , Christine M Sauer. Dementia and psychopathology among individuals with mental retardation , Erin J Wade. The role of technology in the homes of emergent readers , Gail A Zieman.

Beliefs about diversity and the relationships between White teachers-in-training and their African-American and White students , Michael Allen Boticki. The role of perfectionism in anxiety, depression, self-esteem and internalized shame , Diane K Delegard. Making the invisible visible: Exploring students' mathematical understanding , Debra M Dosemagen.

The retention impact of the Freshman Seminar on students with varying pre-college academic performance , Jeff Charles Janz. Beyond traditional pedagogy: A critical approach to student meaning making , Melinda Lawlor Skrade. An investigation of the extent of arts education and the principals' perceptions of such education in selected public elementary schools in Milwaukee County , Therese M Meurer. The effect of training subjects in self-explanation strategies on problem solving success in computer programming , Elizabeth Susan Rezel.

Antecedents of mental self-government : , Jodi L. A multiple case analysis of the use of mission statements during recruiting, hiring, and mentoring at independent schools , Robert Solsrud. The relationship of students' domain specific self-concepts and self-efficacy to academic performance , Maija Strelnieks. Parenting among fathers of young children , Ann D Burbach.

A study of the learning experiences and strategies of first-time asynchronous online graduate education students , Dennis L. A study of Monsignor Frederick G. The effect of service delivery on the language skills of special education students , Kate M Morand.

Symbols, artifacts, rituals, and ceremonies: Archtypes of community in a selected private high school , Emmanuel Peter Udo. Examining the effect of teaching method and learning style on work performance for practicing home care clinicians , Johnette Jay Lynn Caulfield. Factors related to career decision making of rural high school students , Paul Robert Hamilton. Facilitating self-actualization in high school youth: Faculty strategies , Elizabeth Johnnie. Assessment of parent and child behaviors in preschool children , Sheila Kathleen Dunn Johnson.

Career self-efficacy and plans for the future in a welfare recipient sample , Rosemary Lynn Kleman. Guarding the sacred fires: Elizabeth E. Applying the stages of change model to a psychoeducational parenting program , Bonnie Coleen Nicholson.