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He also wrote about things like the perfect pub, and how to make the best cup of tea, for the London Evening Standard in the late s. Hear, hear. I like Shooting the Elephant altho Julian Barnes seems to believe this is fictitious. Is this still a live debate? Thanks, Orwell was a master at combining wisdom and readability. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Interesting Literature. Write a Comment Email Required Name Required Website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Studying in college most students forget about their leisure time. The reason of it: an insane amount of workload.

Entering college a person learns how to think and express his own ideas on a new level, higher than in school. One of the hardest tasks is writing an essay. A person can spend hours trying to combine proper words and arguments together, but as a result receive a bad mark. After several attempts of composing a good piece of writing a student can find himself shouting 'I need someone to write my essay for me!

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Some writers will attach a plagiarism report when delivering the essay, but keep in mind that you may be charged extra for this. To avoid that, make sure you ask the company to assign a top-level writer to your essay, and check that level is college or University, not high-school. Usually yes. The best college assignment writing services offer revisions, so after reviewing the essay, you can ask the writer to make changes to it or add new information.

In some cases, you can even order an essay to be ready in 3 hours, in case you have a last-minute task on your hands. We have analysed this classic essay here. This is an early Orwell essay, from In it, he recalls his possibly fictionalised experiences as a police officer in Burma, when he had to shoot an elephant that had got out of hand. Orwell extrapolates from this one event, seeing it as a microcosm of imperialism, wherein the coloniser loses his humanity and freedom through oppressing others.

We have analysed this essay here. But what has happened to murder in the British newspapers? Orwell claims that the Second World War has desensitised people to brutal acts of killing, but also that there is less style and art in modern murders. This essay makes book-reviewing as a profession or trade — something that seems so appealing and aspirational to many book-lovers — look like a life of drudgery. It would be best, he argues, to be more discriminating and devote more column inches to the most deserving of books.

This is another Burmese recollection from Orwell, and a very early work, dating from Orwell describes a condemned criminal being executed by hanging, using this event as a way in to thinking about capital punishment and how, as Orwell put it elsewhere, a premeditated execution can seem more inhumane than a thousand murders.

Published in , this essay takes its title from the heraldic symbols for England the lion and Scotland the unicorn. Orwell argues that some sort of socialist revolution is needed to wrest Britain out of its outmoded ways and an overhaul of the British class system will help Britain to defeat the Nazis.

Although Orwell was on the left, he also held patriotic although not exactly fervently nationalistic attitudes towards England which many of his comrades on the left found baffling. As well as writing on politics and being a writer, Orwell also wrote perceptively about readers and book-buyers — as in this essay, published the same year as his novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying , which combined both bookshops and writers the novel focuses on Gordon Comstock, an aspiring poet.

He also wrote about things like the perfect pub, and how to make the best cup of tea, for the London Evening Standard in the late s. Hear, hear.