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The Young Writers Institute is a five-day immersive, multi-genre creative writing day camp for students 14 to 18 years old. Through short exercises, close study of work by contemporary writers, and workshops, students will develop their command of the core elements of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Led by an exceptional faculty of published teaching artists with deep experience mentoring young writers, each student will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with them to develop a plan for future growth.

This summer, the workshops will be held online, but the participants will have ample opportunity to do connect with their peers and will be given prompt activities that will engage them with their surroundings. Spend a week developing your voice in the Young Writers Institute writing workshop. Throughout its history, Paris has inspired writers from France and around the world, often providing a refuge from the intolerance, censorship, or the parochialism of their home countries.

Amid social and political upheaval, revolutionary approaches to literary form and subject matter have emerged more often from Paris than from any other metropolis, reflecting life in the throes of a modernizing world.

The towering figures of French literature such as Hugo, Zola, Balzac, Baudelaire, and Apollinaire all took Paris as their subject, and the preeminence of the written word and the artistic spirit of Paris attracted foreign writers including Stein, Joyce, Hemingway, Beckett, Miller, Baldwin, Rhys, and Wright, to name a few.

Visiting students enrolled in the Summer Creative Writing Institute select a single writing workshop in Poetry or Fiction. They are also invited to enroll in a two-week module exploring the creative process. The three creative writing workshops are designed to help students to read their own work objectively, develop a critical vocabulary, and work deeply on issues of craft.

Workshops meet three and a half hours per day, four days a week, allowing three-day weekends for writing, travel, and tourism. One evening per week, students will attend readings and question-and-answer sessions with inspiring authors. The event evenings also unite the full group of creative writing students to enjoy informal discussion and refreshments. The combination of workshops and evening events make up four transferable academic credits for those who are coming from other universities.

For AUP students, these courses can be applied to the B. Lower fees are available to auditors.


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We're an independent creative writing institute based out of San Francisco. Founded in , we offer writing workshops in several genres to writers of all. The Summer Creative Writing Institute offers students opportunities to write and share poetry and fiction under the guidance of a highly accomplished faculty. Fiction; Nonfiction; Memoir; Poetry. Specialized classes on topics ranging from: Screenwriting; The Art of Humor; Story Mapping; Flash Fiction; Creative Writing for.