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Dissertation acknowledgement ramapo college essay

Dissertation acknowledgement

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Jan W. My husband and children for their patience and encouragement. I would like to thank the following people, without whom I would not have been able to complete this research, and without whom I would not have made it through my masters degree! And special thanks to Linda T. The residents of Dundee, who took the time to return surveys and allowed me into your homes for follow up surveys, and without whom I would have no content for my thesis.

My colleagues at the Old Building Trust and Old Building Foundation, who have supported me and had to put up with my stresses and moans for the past three years of study! And my biggest thanks to my family for all the support you have shown me through this research, the culmination of three years of distance learning. For my kids, sorry for being even grumpier than normal whilst I wrote this thesis! And for my wife Jenny, thanks for all your support, without which I would have stopped these studies a long time ago,.

You have been amazing, and I will now clear all the papers off the kitchen table as I promised! I would like to thank the following people who have helped me undertake this research: My supervisor Dr. Peter B. Dear friends and family and Hattie. And to my parents, who set me off on the road to this MSc a long time ago. I would like to thank Mr. Joe Smith for guiding me to his important publications and for the stimulating questions on artificial intelligence and automation.

The meetings and conversations were vital in inspiring me to think outside the box, from multiple perspectives to form a comprehensive and objective critique. Further, I would like to thank my supervisor Alejandro for the thoughtful comments and recommendations on this dissertation. To conclude, I cannot forget to thank my family and friends for all the unconditional support in this very intense academic year.

I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. Mark W. Furthermore I would like to thank the rest of the undergraduate research team for their collaborative effort during data collection. I would also like to acknowledge the school in Bradford for their participation and engagement in the study.

I would like to thank my supervisor Gina K. Gina continuously provided encouragement and was always willing and enthusiastic to assist in any way she could throughout the research project. I would also like to thank Andrew P. Finally, many thanks to all participants that took part in the study and enabled this research to be possible. With many thanks to my supervisor Dr Martyn G.

To Jennie R. Furthermore, to my mentor, Josh B. Finally, to all of the women who sacrificed their time, and the support of these well-known companies for their participation. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for Barbara S. I also wish to thank the team an CIL who have been a great source of support. I am extremely grateful for our friendly chats at the end of our meetings and your personal support in my academic and business endeavours.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Acknowledgement Samples. January 9, February 15, Ravi 1 Comment acknoweldgement samples for thesis , acknowledgement for thesis , acknowledgement thesis , thesis acknowledgement.

Many thanks to my adviser, Laurence T. Strongarm, who read my numerous revisions and helped make some sense of the confusion. Also thanks to my committee members, Joseph Green, G. Foreman, and Celia Barerra, who offered guidance and support. Thanks to the University of Illinois Graduate College for awarding me a Dissertation Completion Fellowship, providing me with the financial means to complete this project.

And finally, thanks to my husband, parents, and numerous friends who endured this long process with me, always offering support and love. Sharon Cook taught the course where I first wrote about educational parks, and Lorna McLean taught the course where I first wrote about educational park planning in Berkeley.

I was delighted when Sharon and Lorna agreed to be on my thesis committee. Agata Soroko is an inspiring colleague, blazing a trail I followed in writing my thesis. Members of the U. Christopher Harter and the other staff at the Amistad Research Center made my archival research both productive and enjoyable.

Many thanks to my parents and children. Immense gratitude as always to Carol for her patience and support. Professors Elizabeth Blackmar and Mark Mazower provided invaluable feedback on my analysis and framing, at times responding to emails late at night and early in the morning. I especially want to thank Professor Anupama Rao. I am indebted also to several Columbia students.

Dore Feith read this piece four times, and his careful eye and knowledge of 20th century foreign affairs pushed me to be the most honorable historian I could be. Lastly, my family deserves endless gratitude: my father for teaching me to appreciate history and storytelling, my mother for teaching me how to write with concise purpose, and my brother for teaching me that an assertion of dominance is not necessarily a bad thing.

To my family, I give everything, including this. Holly Johnson, for your patience, guidance, and support. I have benefited greatly from your wealth of knowledge and meticulous editing. I am extremely grateful that you took me on as a student and continued to have faith in me over the years.

Thank you to my committee members, Dr. Shoshana Magnet and Dr. Denise Spitzer. Your encouraging words and thoughtful, detailed feedback have been very important to me. Thank you to the interviewees, who so generously took time out of their schedules to participate in my research and make this project possible.

Thank you to Margot Charbonneau, Operations Coordinator at the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, for all of the kind words and assistance you have provided. Thank you to my parents, Marilyn and Gerry Martin, for your endless support. You have always stood behind me, and this was no exception. Mom, thank you for fielding a ridiculous number of phone calls, for calming me down, and for proofreading anytime, anywhere.

Dad, thank you for all of your love and for always reminding me of the end goal. Thank you to my sister, Lori Martin, for always being there for me and for telling me that I am awesome even when I didn't feel that way.

Thank you to Donna and Steve Taylor, for your overwhelming generosity and for taking me in as one of your own. Thank you to my partner, Andy Taylor, for constantly listening to me rant and talk things out, for proofreading over and over even after long days at work and during difficult times , for cracking jokes when things became too serious, and for the sacrifices you have made in order for me to pursue a Master's degree.

I am indebted to my supervisor, Jeff Lundeen, for his continued guidance and an endless supply of fascinating projects. His unassuming approach to research and science is a source of inspiration. This approach is reflected by his simple but clear writing style, which is something I hope to carry forward throughout my career. I gratefully recognize the help of the Lundeen lab post-doc, Lambert Giner, whose Labview codes automated my experiments.

In fact, computers did most of the work in this thesis they never get their due credit. I also had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Saaltink, who graciously showed me the ropes of her cloning apparatus. I am fortunate to have been a part of the CERC group. Thank you for the fun squash matches Kashif and Shayan, and thank you to my officemates for the lively physics conversations especially Akbar, who always asked difficult yet simple questions.

It is important to strike a balance with life outside the dark depths of the lab. As such, I cannot stress enough about the importance of my weekly retreat to HoolNation with friends. I also thank my colleagues at the computing center of the University of Innsbruck, Dr. Knapp, and G. Margreiter, for several valuable programming suggestions. Jones for his invaluable assistance and insights leading to the writing of this paper. My sincere thanks also goes to the seventeen members of my graduate committee for their patience and understanding during the nine years of effort that went into the production of this paper.

A special thanks also to Howard Anton [1], from whose book many of the examples used in this sample research paper have been quoted. Another special thanks to Prof. Ronald Grimmer who provided the previous thesis template upon which much of this is based and for help with graphics packages.

I am extremely thankful to my supervisors Associate Prof. Subodh Sharma and Associate Professor Dr. Roshan Man Bajracharya, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Science, Kathmandu University, for their noble guidance, support with full encouragement and enthusiasm. I am grateful to Associate Professor, Dr.

Very special thanks to team mates Mr. Deep Narayan Shah and Ms Ram Devi Tachamo, Khwopa College who were always there with me during sampling in the field as well as sorting and identification of the samples in the lab. Their company in the field and laboratory will be always remembered. I would like to acknowledge Mr. Kishore Atreya for providing me his valuable suggestion regarding data analysis. I would also like to thank Ms.

Srijana Shakya and Mr. Keshav Khadka for assisting me in sorting the samples, Ms. Pramila Khatri for her care in laboratory and Mr. Krishna Gahatraj for his safe and comfortable driving during the field work. I would never forget Mr. Pritam Lal Shresta for providing me a comfortable room and computer during write up of my thesis. Last but not the least I would also like to thank all of my friends, family members for encouraging and supporting me whenever I needed them.

Beekley, whose sincerity and encouragement I will never forget. Beekley has been an inspiration as I hurdled through the path of this Masters degree. She is the true definition of a leader and the ultimate role model. This thesis would not have been possible without Dr. Staub, whose guidance from the initial step in research enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject.

I am thankful for the extraordinary experiences she arranged for me and for providing opportunities for me to grow professionally. It is an honor to learn from Dr. Beekley and Dr. I am grateful for my parents whose constant love and support keep me motivated and confident. My accomplishments and success are because they believed in me. Deepest thanks to my siblings, who keep me grounded, remind me of what is important in life, and are always supportive of my adventures.

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Dissertation acknowledgement Without their assistance and dedicated involvement in every step throughout the process, this paper would have never been accomplished. Some are dissertation acknowledgement single paragraph whilst some continue for up to three pages. How to acknowledge a thesis? It is important not to overlook anybody, particularly those in the professional sphere, who may have helped you along the way. I also place on record, my sense of gratitude to one and all, who directly or indirectly, have lent their hand in this venture.
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Best creative writing undergraduate programs You should mention the members of academia and dissertation acknowledgement who contributed to your research. Jane Doe, for research methods dissertation guidance and support. For some, the personal acknowledgements might be very meaningful and heartfelt, especially if the research was undertaken during a difficult period. It should be noted that the following have been extracted from theses which are freely available in the public domain. Start Search. Can I acknowledge a pet?

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