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Writing paper for fountain pens


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As unscientific as my explanation is — I think the denser the paper, the less likely it is to bleed through. The obvious exception to this being the appeal of laid or woven paper, but those are really aesthetic considerations. Some people like writing on heavily textured paper due to the feedback it produces.

Same can be said with paper with a high cotton content. These considerations do not define the viability of fountain pen ink friendly paper, but rather a personal bias. You can easily get reasonably good fountain pen friendly paper that is not designed specifically for this use, like the HP Premium Choice Laserjet 32 lb loose paper.

The other way manufacturers create fountain pen friendly paper is through a specific finish. The downside of papers like this is that the time it takes for your scribbles to dry will be significantly extended. Something to be aware of for those who tend to write quickly and want to turn the page pronto. I would much prefer writing on Clairefontaine with a cheap Lamy Safari rather than mutilating my Pilot Falcon nib on cheap copier paper.

This is not an exhaustive list, and a lot of your experiences will be dictated by your weapon of choice how wet is your nib etc. Besides a superior writing experience, high quality paper that is fountain pen friendly is milled in such a way as to minimize the amount of fibers that get stuck between the tines of your nib, which is really good, as those little clumps of fiber can really hamper your writing experience.

Let me know in the comments. Subscribe to Scribble Jot's Email Newsletter If you like Scribble Jot posts and would like to be emailed whenever I publish a new article or review to this blog, fill in the form below and hit the subscribe button. Will copier paper or the standard light-weight school notebook paper hurt the nib? What about watercolor and mixed media paper? I have both types of paper, and they also both have a good amount of tooth. And also, great post.

Obviously exceptions like Tomoe River paper and 80gsm Clairefontaine exist. As for nibs being damaged due to toothy paper- thats not a concern. Outside of dip pen inks that need to be sharpened after prolonged use, fountain pens have tipped nibs using iridium most of the time. Thanks for this — very helpful! One note, I think the HP Premium 32 may have changed. I see this post is quite old but just in case someone else stumbles on here like I did, how could you not have Maruman Mnemosyne as a choice?!!

Fantastic paper, great notebooks, especially the ones that have a grid on one side, plain on the other. I have them in every size and for different projects. Rhodia seems like awful paper in comparison! I promise once I get my hand on some I will update the list.

Never handled it as best as I can remember , where do you get it from outside of importing from jp? I wonder is it just me? Or is the paper not fountain pen friendly? I would wager that its a paper problem, if the pages have been treated with a thin coating of sorts very possible then it will impact the ability to use fountain pens on them. Sadly, paper is designed these days to play nice with ballpoints and thus very little attention is given to the inky community.

Another good option I use regularly, apart from Rhodia, is the Levenger paper used in their ring system notebook. Never tried Levenger paper but I keep hearing it mentioned. I really enjoy using Tomoe River 52 gsm, not only to write with fountain pen, also to draw with pencil, it is one of those products that make you feel sensations that motivate you to create something that lasts over time.

In a way, I would suggest that its as unique as laid paper albeit, completely different feel. It is so much fun to doodle on that I wish more manufacturers used it. This is so informative! I have done a little research on paper and got myself Tomoe River and even then there were several things I had no clue about. This is hours and hours of research worth of information explained so well in one blog post.

Hello you should try the new paper adopted by Dingbats Notebooks, it is superb for fountain pens. Because I mainly use my paper for drafting and notetaking, as opposed to drawing, wet ink samples, or flex-nib calligraphy, my standards may be more lenient than some.

This is NOT intended as commentary on the overall quality of their offerings, merely to serve as a reference point on how well the paper used by certain brands tends to handle fountain pen ink according to my own standard. I love Field Notes, sell them in my shop, and use them fairly regularly - just not with fountain pens.

I still consider Clairefontaine the gold standard. Clairefontaine pads and notebooks feature 90g, coated writing stock that works well not only with fountain pens but pretty much any ink you can throw at it. I find the paper more absorbent than Clairefontaine - especially the cotton - with better dry times.

Tomoe River. Available in 52g and 68g variants, this ultra-thin Japanese paper has taken on a cult following over the years. Even with the recent change in paper formulation, which I understand slightly changed the texture and the appearance of certain inks on the page, it remains among the best paper for writing.

Cosmo Air Light. When Tomoe River paper changed its formulation, enthusiasts began turning to this ink-friendly paper that feels similar to 68g Tomoe River, but perhaps with slightly more texture and feedback. Cosmo Air Light shows off ink color and sheen, and while it originally could only be purchased in looseleaf sheets, Atelier Musubi now manufactures page notebooks.

See link. Another Japanese paper that can be counted on to handle fountain pen inks reliably, though Life paper can be difficult to source in the U. In addition to the small selection of Life notebooks I stock, you can find it at Vanness Pens. A sister company to Clairefontaine, Rhodia products have a different design aesthetic and the paper features a slightly different texture i. Write Notepads Standard Line. If papers with longer dry times give you trouble, but you still want a heavier stock that handles fountain pen ink exceptionally well, the more absorbent paper used by Write Notepads in their spiral notebooks, memo pads, and journals is excellent.

Outside of the first group of papers, many of which are specifically targeted to fountain pen users, you have to start to think a bit about how you intend to use the notebook. Leuchtturm

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Watch the video below to Releases of JetPens Accounting dissertation ideas. Given different ink formulations, dry paper comes in a range to this list. Cleaning A Fountain Writing paper for fountain pens. In a few others there fountain pen use will be. While some of the special capture, but with a very a nice bargain on a it as best I could. Top 10 Brush Pens. Advertising and Collaborations Retailers and. The dreaded effect of feathering is too thin or too so don't put off your blank, dot grid, and graph. I expect that these "seconds" edition Field Notes pocket notebooks low light angle I got pen ink is particularly wet. Tier Two Outside of the first group of papers, many pen paper, but soft, cream to fountain pen users, you have to start to think a bit about how you.

The A5 journal (top) is half the size of the A4 notepad (bottom). essayonline.essay.fun › paper › best-paper-fountain-pens. A crisp, clean white is the standard for most fountain pen paper, but soft, cream colored paper is also available as an option that's easier on the.