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Interesting adjectives for creative writing


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He innately loved filling his head with quotes about adventure. He indelibly hued landscape when backpacking Italy changed my life. The absorption of my work overtakes every other desire. People trying to improve their skills with this list of descriptive words for writing have a lot of ambition. Usually a landmark or memorial. Typically on a hilltop or skyline. The depths of our abilities remains unknown until we push for greatness..

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MISTY adjective 1 — covered by mist. When used correctly, descriptive words can entertain, persuade, inform, and educate the reader. After all, the goal of fiction writing is to transport us to another land. Let's take a look at a list of descriptive words that includes adjectives, adverbs, and gerunds. They're some of the most powerful tools in the toolkit. What's the most popular descriptor in the English language? The adjective. Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. It's how we know the woman was gorgeous or the sunset was glittering.

However, it's worth noting that while all adjectives are descriptive words , not all descriptive words are adjectives. The best way to expand our adjectival knowledge is to pick up a book and read. In the meantime, let's prime the pump with this list of adjectives:. While adjectives provide further description for nouns, adverbs add on to verbs.

Adverbs take things up a notch, though. They can also modify other adverbs, as well as adjectives. Adverbs can be used to describe concepts such as time, place, circumstance, manner, or degree. Pretty impressive right?

Even though these modifiers are multi-faceted, it's wise to use them with caution. Writing that's doused in too many adverbs or adjectives is quickly earmarked as amateur. That's why it's important to build an arsenal of adjectives and adverbs. With that kind of knowledge, you'll be able to pick the right one at the right time.

As you scroll through the list, you'll notice that the adverbs all end in -ly , but remember that there are adverbs, like "almost" or "seldom," that do not share this ending.

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Unlike many other writing blogs or websites out there! Interesting list. However, for some of the words, I see the following definitions as more accurate: adroit-skillful judicious-prudent, discerningly precipitate — should say precipitous to describe as steep.

Precipitate as an adj means falling. Thanks for sharing these. It always pains me to have to cut them. As a writer for children, it is a challenge to find adjectives that are new words for kids, but simple enough for them to understand. Thanks for this! Now I can finally use it! Just a small elision, however. A very good list. A belligerent is an entity participating in war. Oh, publishers, beware! Coming your way are manuscripts populated with fecund protagonists, mendacious antagonists, didactically sagacious guardians, and platitudinous sidekicks.

Sometimes I find myself using the same words over and over as I facilitate workshops, so this will come in handy…bookmark worthy! Lahesha — Is that the correct word? Facilitate means to make something easier, less difficult, or free from impediment.

You could conduct a workshop, moderate a worshop, direct, guide, chair, etc.. Insidious is one of my favorites — such a pithy word. Pithy is pretty good as well. Maybe it could be tacked on. I must get across my respect for your generosity supporting those people that really want guidance on in this situation. Your very own commitment to getting the solution all around ended up being quite practical and has permitted others just like me to achieve their dreams.

Your warm and helpful suggestions means so much to me and a whole lot more to my fellow workers. Thanks a lot; from all of us. I love words, and particularly adjectives. This list is wondrous fair indeed. However, many of these words are going to come across as being self-conscious, vainglorious or simply twee. Yes indeed Stephen, agreed. Bellicose and Belligerent are not synonymous but are often used that way. What about a list of collective nouns?

Especially birds. Ie: a Parliament of owls, a murder of crows…fun! To the 4 writers and the editor! Great Job! When coming up with content that just looks and reads the same you kinda get that same feeling about it as you do others to some degree. Thanks don.

What a great disappointment from dailytwritingtips. The rise of the information age — with the proliferation of emails, blogs and social networks — makes the ability to write clear, correct English more important than ever. Daily Writing Tips is about that. Seriously, M. Nichol, in ?

I am a french student. How do they feel when they watch a scary movie? When they have answered these questions they will have a good basis for a character which can then be developed. The idea is to get your students to describe a famous person in as much detail as possible. Put the students in pairs and ask them to choose two famous people and brainstorm as many descriptive adjectives as they can to describe them.

Give prompts such as hair colour, physical build, eye colour etc. When complete do the same with descriptive adjectives about personality, job, nationality. They are only allowed to use adjectives — allow them to use dictionaries if necessary. If possible take the students out of the classroom. Let them look around them and brainstorm as many adjectives as they can to describe what they can see, smell, hear and touch. Then back in the classroom get them to find synonyms for the adjectives they have come up with and construct a poem or short descriptive passage using the new adjectives.

Students often like to use music in lessons and a good way to elicit some adjectives for mood is to play a piece of music and ask your students to write a few adjectives to describe how it makes them feel. Ask your students to look around them when they are next on the bus or walking around outside of the school. Ask them to look for someone who looks interesting to them and write down some of their observations. Ask them to think about appearance, personality, feelings and background.

They can then use their observations to develop a character. Give your students a descriptive passage from a book, magazine or newspaper. Blank out all the descriptive adjectives in the passage and ask you students to add their own. They can then join another student and compare their passages. It is not always necessary to stress that an activity is focused on vocabulary but let the vocabulary come naturally from a descriptive or writing exercise. Most students are enthusiastic about learning new words and will participate fully in any activity which helps them to do this.

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having or showing. Adjectives -- descriptive words that modify nouns -- often come under fire for their Plenty of tired adjectives are available to spoil a good sentence, but when. This list of adjectives, adverbs, and gerunds will make your writing more appealing. Sounds weird, right? Take a Instead of overusing the same words​, challenge yourself to come up with creative ways to appeal to your readers' senses.