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International essay writing competitions

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I am from India. Please can you tell me when your next poetry contest is for and how much is entry fee Thank you Lois G. This post on where to submit should help you find upcoming poetry contests. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this information about the competition. But can you explain where can I get more information?

I belong to pakistan. Are they a legitimate organization? They just announced the winners of the competition at the beginning of this year If they indeed stick to the pattern of every other year, they should announce a new contest this year. Our bet would be 23 November, the International Day of Words. I would really like to help him get his work published, and perhaps even win a competition.

He is very talented. Please help if you can! I do not speak French! Would you kindly guide me in brief how to join please. As I have a keen interest in submitting like the 40 line poem, I highly appreciate if would kindly informed when the next submission date is open. Good for mind explorers amidst pandemics which has already decayed countless minds.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to our new blog notification list. Home Contests 7 writing contests with huge cash prizes 7 writing contests with huge cash prizes. Temwa Mzota 2 June at Reply. Michael Chimaobi 2 June at Reply.

Nicholas Best 2 September at Reply. Alphonse L 24 November at Reply. Fanaye Gebremariam 15 January at Reply. Dianne Bailey 17 January at Reply. Jacob 28 January at Reply. Victor Sagar Das 1 February at Reply. Lois Gaddy-Cannon 3 February at Reply. Gitanjali Kapoor 25 February at Reply.

Thank you so much. Will try got it poetry competitions this year. How can I get cash prizes from these writing contests? I hope this is not a scam because I have lost money in the same way while participating in this kind of competitions. Answer: The contests I list on this page are genuine and reputable. The good thing about these contests is that they're free to enter. If you don't win, you won't lose the money you paid to enter the contest.

Answer: The minimum words they accept is 6 and the maximum is Thus, your entry should be between 6 to words. Answer: They do exist. Sadly, they are not common among contests. However, when a contest invites people to submit their contests and they don't request certain genres to be submitted, you can submit this genre. Many shirt contests don't specify which genre to submit. Question: How can we send essays to the writing contests you mentioned in your article?

Answer: I have provided a link at the end of each contest. Click the link and it will direct you to that website's contest page. There you'll find details of how to send your essays, either through submission form or by email. Question: Can the essay be written on any topic for the Free International Writing contest? If not then what will be the topic for May 31 contest?

Answer: Yes, the essay can be on any topic. Answer: Yes, the contests are free to enter. Any individual from any part of the world can participate. Some contests are targeted at a different age group. Answer: There are different ways you can get the cash prizes depending on the contest. Some pay through PayPal which means you've to register for a PayPal account. If it's not indicated in a contest how the cash will be paid, you will need to wait till the winners are announced.

It will be communicated to you how you'll be paid. I think it's best you register for a PayPal account online as it's by may companies or organizations to pay individuals. Question: Can I submit the same piece of writing in multiple competitions if it's following their rules like word limit and genre? Answer: Yah, it's possible. However, read each contest's rules to be certain they accept the same piece of work which has been submitted to another competition s.

If they haven't indicated, it's best to avoid it. Question: Are there any competitions for quotes, poetry, Shayari and fiction for students between the ages of 15 to 17? Answer: Yes, all the contests listed in this page accept submission from any nationality. They are not limited to a specific nationality or country. However, I will include the name of a region s if a contest has limited its submission to a specific nation s.

Question: For the Bracken Bower Prize , it says it is open to people under Would a year old be able to enter? Answer: Unfortunately, it won't apply to you. It is for those who are between the ages of Answer: Many poetry contests are usually held during the first five months. Keep checking back. Answer: There are some competitions that accept submission through postal mail but they should be typed.

However, it is difficult to come across a handlettering competition. Answer: At the end of each contest, I have provided a link to the contest's page which provides information how to submit your entry. Examples: Click here. The 'here' in red colour is a link you need to click. Or, if you see at the end of a contest a letter s in red, it's a link.

Click it; then you will be directed to the contest's page which provides the necessary information. Answer: Some contests are limited to a certain age. If a contest doesn't mention the minimum age to enter the contest, then it means it's open to people from the age of eighteen onwards. Question: I am a years old Indian man.

I love writing essays in English and I am an invalid like Mr. Stefan Hawking. Is there any online competition in an English essay contest in which I can participate? Answer: There are English essay contests you can participate in. Most of the essays contests accept entrants above the age of 18 thus you fit the age requirement. Browse through this contest page to find an essay contest that accepts entrants over the age of either 16 or Question: When will a new contest about the "outlook" on the people of the islands be available?

Answer: I have never heard of the contest but I will check on it, and inform you once I get information concerning it. Answer: At the end of each listed contest, there is a link. It is a word that is highlighted in colour, mostly 'here.

It will direct you to a page where you will get information on how to register or participate. Question: Should I write in the Tamil language to enter the contests listed here? Are Tamil language entries accepted? Answer: The contests listed on this page don't require the use of Tamil language to submit your entry. Some of these contests have indicated specific languages to use, not the Tamil language. Question: I had started writing for Hubpages from to before I stopped due to an injury.

I would like to continue. Is everyone allowed to write on HubPages or just a specific community or only us nationals? Answer: Anyone from any region of the world can be registered at the site -Hubpages. It isn't limited to a specific community, country or people.

Since you didn't delete your Hubpages account, you can continue writing articles for the site. If you remember your username and password, you're good to go. If you can't remember your password, you can click the 'forgot password" under the log-in page. These competitions are for people above the age of eighteen.

If there is a specific age or age bracket I will note it but if the age bracket isn't indicated, then individuals of any age can participate. Question: I am from Ethiopia, Africa. Can I participate in any free writing contests? Answer: Yes, you can participate. The contests listed on this page accept writers from any country. The only contests that accept writers from a certain country are those that I have indicated the contests are restricted to writers from 'this' country.

The contests that I haven't indicated they accept writers from a specific country are contests which any individual from any nation can participate. Answer: Yes, there are writing contests for years old entrants. This contest page is always updated therefore keep on checking to see if your age is included.

Question: Will I have to register before writing my essay for the International writing contest? Answer: I'm not sure which essay you're referring to but if you're asked you have to register or fill a form before submitting your entry, then you have to do so.

Question: I started filling the form for card poetry but I couldn't submit it. When I write my content, the tab for submitting disappears. How can I complete the submission to a contest? Answer: I haven't yet submitted mine. Have you tried several times and it has failed? It might result from poor network reception.

If you have tried several times but the problem persists, try on a different smartphone or computer. If it persists, contact the Blue Mountain Arts. There might be some technical problems. Question: There is a contest you've listed whose deadline is 21 September When will they announce the winner? Answer: At the end of the contest, I have included a link.

Click it and it will direct you to the contest's page where they have indicated announcement of winners. If they have not indicated, wait for their email. They will notify you if you're the winner. Question: What is the address of the Montreal Poetry Prize and its criteria? Answer: Apologies for replying late. The contest is not free. The entry fee is 20 CAD.

There is late entry after 2 June. If you submit your entry later than the date, you'll pay CAD 25 instead of The poem should have fewer than 40 lines. Submission is online. Once you access the site, you'll see a menu. Click on it then you'll see on the dropdown menu, poem. Click it. It will direct you to create an account if you don't have one. After creating an account, you'll be able to submit. Thomas, unfortunately, most of these competitions are eligible to entrants who are above the age of Here is a contest that you might want to join as it accepts entries of those under 'Creative Writing Ink Competition.

At the end of a contest, you'll see 'Details here. Favour, at the end of each contest, you will see 'Details here. The 'here' is linked to that particular contest's page. Pinkey, at the end of each competition, you'll see 'Details here. It will direct you to the competition's page where you'll get information how to submit and further guidelines.

Favour, you can join the contests as they accept entries from all over the world. The contests that contain 'restricted to.. Those that don't contain 'restricted to Nisha, yes you can send an essay as an educator. If the contest hasn't indicated the age entrance, you can participate. If it has, and your age falls in the age range of the contest, you can participate. But if the age indicated is below 18 years, you can't enter that contest.

Rehan, there are two contests that fit the criterion you've indicated. The deadline for the contests is July. Rusell, most of the listed contests accept entrants who are above the age of Unless it is indicated that a contest accepts a certain age range, the contest is eligible for participants at the age of 18 and onwards.

This means, if a contest indicates it accepts entrants above the age of 18 or doesn't list the entry age, the contest is applicable for individuals who are 18 years and above. Rubayet, there are scientific-related competitions but they're less frequent than non-scientific contests. Hello, I found this page to be very helpful : but I'm in Africa and a variety of the competitions are restricted.

Not sure if you can help me find competitions i can compete in. Zahra, unfortunately, I am not the one holding the contests. I have listed contests that are free and genuine. In each contest, I have included a link that will direct you to the contest page where it lists how you can submit your entry.

At the end of each contest, you'll Details here. Click here which is a link to the contest's page. In the recent Writers Contest can students participate? What is the correct deadline please acknowledge. Thank you, Casey. I appreciate bringing fort these two contests. I will post them on the contest page. In some contests individuals who are less than 18 years can participate.

When contests require people of below 18 years to participate incl 12 years, I will indicate in the details of the contest. Kalaivani, I don't conduct the contests or organizer of any of the contests on this page. I list genuine free to enter contests. I have provided links under each contest which will direct you to the contests' page where you can find more information on how to submit.

You can send your entry to the address provided if the contest allows. Or you can access a computer that is internet enabled at your local cyber cafe. Thank you for sharing all these links to writing contests. I am going to enter some of the poetry contest! Awesome article! I just launched our Short Story Competition and I'm hoping that you can add it to your list. It expires on November 10th of This is when you take the envelope containing a letter or whatever is in the envelope to the post office so that they can send it to the intended person.

You can join anytime. Each contest has a deadline. Choose the contest you want and submit your entry before the deadline. Thank you, Sujwin for considering this webpage in announcing your contest. I will include it in this page. I don't know what you mean but the contests are helpful in a number of ways e. Tishya, I am not the organizer of these competitions. I have only listed contests that are free to enter. Choose the contest you want as there are many short story contests to choose from the above list.

At the end of each contest I have provided a link, which is a one word in colour. Click it and you will be directed to another page where you will get information how to apply. Try your lack because they are free to participate. Writing is my passion and my dream is to become a writer. I have written a number of stories based on the mind contents of a teenager. I have written motivational stories and stories that can enhance a teenage mind.

I am just searching for a chance. I request you to give me a chance. Writing is my hobby and I want to become a writer. I have written many stories in my copy. I writes horror stories,sad stories, about dream. So sir please give me a chance to participate in this contest. Any, yes you can participate in the contests. You are not required to be a professional writer to participate. Choose the contest you want, click the link at the end of the contest you want. The link is in colour.