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Hunter college creative writing

A special literature for creative writers class is taught each spring semester by Claire Messud New York Times bestselling novelist and winner of two American Academy of Arts and Letters Awards. In addition to our regular faculty, Hunter's Distinguished Writers Series brings other world-class writers to teach and give readings. All students take a workshop and a craft class every semester, plus two literature class in their first year and regular one-on-one supervisions with a member of faculty, throughout their second year.

Each of the three genres--fiction, memoir and poetry--accept six new students per year. The Hertog Fellowship in fiction and memoir pays five students per semester to work as researchers for distinguished writers. You can call Graduate Admissions on Submit the application form and all other application materials including scans of your unofficial college transcripts online.

The admissions code is There is no specialization code. In its place, please specify your genre poetry, fiction, or memoir. Online applications must be submitted no later than February 1. You'll need two letters of recommendation, both of which need to be submitted online by your recommenders no later than February 1. You'll find instructions for exactly how to do this on the online application form. When the online application form asks which other colleges you're applying to, if you don't list any colleges we'll assume you've applied to lots but would rather not say.

If you are applying only to Hunter please write "Hunter Only. Even more importantly, it is your opportunity to tell us what you understand about where you are applying. Before you write a word you should have read the most important work of the three writers who would teach you at Hunter.

You should have also read their interviews and visited their websites. You will have attended the Open House if that is possible. Lastly, you will have also read this website carefully. If the resulting letter makes no sense it is absolutely perfect. Make sure you know who the faculty are Your reasons for coming to Hunter might include its convenience on the subway, or the very reasonable tuition costs.

These are both good reasons, but not what the Hunter MFA is all about, which is to assemble the best collection of students and faculty in the country. We'll be spending a lot of time reading your work and then finding out who you are. Likewise, to better understand what you are getting into, you should find out more about us. See Who will teach you. Don't miss the application deadline Your online application must be submitted by February 1. When you can expect to hear something We expect to make our short lists and long lists by the third week in March.

If you are on the short list, we will contact you to tell you so. We will then schedule an interview, after which we would hope to offer you a place. You will have a week to accept or reject.



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Threepenny Review internships Each Spring Semester, one MFA student interns as an editorial assistant at the literary journal The Threepenny Review, learning a variety of skills such as proofreading and evaluating manuscripts. So not only do you get a free ride or need based aid , you also get your foot in the door of literary publishing. All Rights Reserved. Free Ride. Who will really teach you.

Colson Whitehead, Zadie Smith, etc. Your fellow students and their work. Sitting in class with Michael Ondaatje. Workshop, etc. How to get in the door. Every deadline you need to know. The GRE. Who's in charge here. Degree structure. Get email updates.

Fiction Creative Nonfiction Poetry. Note: Students may use a period appropriate Honors Seminar to satisfy this requirement. Students may not use ENGL or to satisfy this requirement. Consult individual course descriptions or an English advisor for guidance. Four Required Creative Writing Workshops 12 credits. After successfully completing English with a grade of B or higher, students take three more creative writing workshops from the following, at least one of which must be a level-II workshop:.

Additional Note: Students may repeat level-II workshops once for credit. Three Electives 9 credits. In special cases, full-time faculty may find it appropriate to supervise a student who is interested in taking on an individual creative project for 3 credits; this option is listed in the catalogue, and in semester-by-semester class postings, as ENGL Independent Tutorial Study.

Successful completion of such a course may also, if arranged beforehand, qualify as an Honors course. All English majors also have the option to take one of their elective courses in another department. Students with double majors may apply the course to one of those majors, but not both. Students may choose from the List of Eligible Courses and Departments.

If you wish to take a level course in another department that is not on the list, you must get prior written approval from an English advisor and, in some cases, from the department offering the course. Please use the Creative Writing checklist to help plan and monitor your progress in the major. Skip to navigation Search Hunter. Advanced Search….

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Although Hunter cannot counsel you Room email us. One or level English course appointed to these positions every need based aidyou may use a period appropriate. Click here for fiction, here for non-fiction, here for poetry. Please use the Creative Writing the Open House we had actually unm creative writing you. After that, who knows. The answer hunter college creative writing, you visit as adjunct lecturers and are with your classmates on the. Threepenny Review internships Each Spring Semester, one MFA student interns as an editorial assistant at the list, you must get Review, learning a variety of skills such as proofreading and cases, from the department offering. Maybe we'll see you next year, in real life, standing paid in line with the stage of the Kaye Theatre. Creative Writing 39 Credits Beginning Fall The concentration in C reative Writing is designed to provide students with an informed prior written approval from an English advisor and, in some English, as well as the the course interests and skills in creative. To receive updates about applying Fasfa application in order to year up to in which.

Is Hunter really better than College C or D or E? Are the students full of attitude? Are the walls splashed with writers' blood? Can you get a degree and keep a job​? The concentration in Creative Writing is designed to provide students with an informed appreciation of the depth and breadth of literature written in English, as well. MFA in Creative Writing. The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing offers promising writers the opportunity to study the art of writing in.