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Doctoral programs without dissertation academic research paper topics

Doctoral programs without dissertation


This way, you can balance your educational goals with your career. A number of study fields do not require PhD dissertation writing. For example, you can get a PhD in psychology, international education, law, therapy or nursing without having to complete a thesis or a dissertation. A limited number of universities including Columbia Southern University and Colorado Technical University presently offer a choice between writing a dissertation project and publishing a series of articles or a research project.

With remote education becoming more popular, many online universities allow you to get a degree without a dissertation. However, you need to choose accredited online schools with globally recognised diplomas if you want your degree to have value and credibility.

Finally, an expert status may confirm your expertise and convince a dissertation committee to grant you the PhD status. Having multiple publications in renowned scientific journals and a published book in your sphere of research may come in handy for explaining that the completion of a PhD dissertation project may not be necessary in your case.

While going the road less travelled may be highly beneficial for selecting a dissertation topic, we would not necessarily advise you to follow the same idea in attaining your PhD degree. Academic world is full of established norms and standards that are difficult to change. Because of that, following experimental paths in this sphere may result in a failure to build a good career.

If you feel that you lack the time and resources to complete a dissertation project all by yourself, you may seek PhD dissertation help from credible companies providing academic writing services. This way, you will get your degree in accordance with the established procedures and avoid the above-mentioned problems.

At this time, the majority of online Ed. There are, however, options for those who do not wish to write a traditional research-based thesis. Several programs now offer students the opportunity to develop and implement a more action-oriented capstone project or dissertation-in-practice.

While these projects also require a considerable amount of research and writing, they differ from traditional dissertations, focusing more on producing direct solutions to existing problems in education or organizational leadership, instead of furthering theory in the field.

A traditional dissertation has a formal five-chapter structure and aims to contribute to the existing scholarly literature on a topic in education development or leadership. The dissertation-in-practice, on the other hand, is an applied dissertation that still maintains the formal structure of the traditional dissertation, but focuses more on specific education challenges that students experience in their place of work. In contrast, the applied project is distinct from a dissertation in that it does not abide by the formal five-chapter dissertation structure, and has a more applied objective that relates to investigating or solving an educational practice or learning outcomes problem.

In most cases, students who choose an applied project are tasked with examining an education challenge at their current place of employment or one that is present regionally , and making an improvement to strategies or methods used in their organization or district. Students should note that regardless of the option they choose, all three culminating experiences require rigorous research and writing. To learn more about the differences between these three capstone experiences, and to see a list of online programs that include an applied project option, continue reading below.

Note : At this time, all online Ed. Additionally, for Ed. For students who are worried about the time it may take to complete a traditional dissertation, many Ed. This is a fairly recent change from the way dissertations have historically been completed in doctoral programs, where the student embarks on his or her dissertation work after he or she completes all of the program coursework.

The goal of this project is to contribute new insights on a particular topic in the field, making a positive impact on established methods or theories by advancing existing research. Students typically begin the dissertation process by formulating a specific research question to investigate. After reviewing past research on the subject, they then design and conduct a study of their own and analyze the results.

Overall, students can expect to spend a significant portion of their Ed. Most programs include multiple courses related to dissertation research and development, and allow for one or more years of independent study to finish the project.

The entire process is typically overseen by a dissertation committee comprised of program faculty, who provide mentorship and make sure students reach certain deadlines along the way. In most cases, students must present their initial research proposal to this committee for approval, as well as explain their findings during a formal dissertation defense at the end of their studies.

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A PhD status is a prerequisite for making an academic career.

Writing an argumentative essay middle school The curriculum includes a doctoral project that's designed to address a problem of practice. For the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree dissertation completion fellowships, nurses can easily adapt to changes in the healthcare industry due to intensive, yet enjoyable hands-on training. Capella's flexible Online Ed. The dissertation process starts as soon as you begin your Ed. Some fully-funded PhD programs also provide health insurance, as well as funding for research and travel. Once you've written up your results in a document that meets academic standards and the needs of field organizations, you'll present your findings in an oral defense.
Dissertation topics in it That means you'll be addressing a problem of practice that's focused on the intersection of education and healthcare. WTAMU has ditched the traditional dissertation and gone for a more practical "Scholarly Delivery" model for its 3-year doctorate. That means all of its cohort-based Ed. If you want to take on a professional career in research or teaching at the college level, you're going to have to go far beyond undergraduate studies — the PhD is still the standard. However, you must pass an Ed.
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Students can also be easily admitted into the degree program three times a year. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This program is ideal for practicing nursing professionals who desire career advancement. The credit hour online program allows students to choose one or two courses every semester during the summer, spring, or fall. The online doctorate program emphasizes organizational or systems leadership and scholarship. Earning the doctorate is also easier through practical immersion experiences.

Located in St. Its credit hour curriculum is ideal for working nurses who want to take higher courses for career advancement. Are there 12 month online dnp programs available? On the other hand, the Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership is regarded as an easy doctorate as it features personalized coaching in a cohort learning model-based online setting. This degree can be completed in less than 32 months.

Maryville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Students learn advanced knowledge in population health, business and evidence-based approaches, and healthcare systems. Easy completion of the degree program can be expected through a final scholarly project that mainly focuses on quality improvement and translational science for the advancement of care systems, safety, and patient outcomes.

On the other hand, the Ed. There are two unique areas of focus, namely Management and Administration, and College Teaching that can be completed in three years or less. The credit doctorate program can be completed in five semesters or two and a half years. Acquiring practical knowledge without the hassle of research projects is made easier through this DNP doctorate program.

Meanwhile, the BSN to DNP program requires 75 credits and can take around eight semesters or three years to be completed. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, the College of St. This tDPT program is designed for practicing therapists. Learning is easier since the program curriculum is condensed into six, credit-hour classes.

The doctorate is expected to be completed in two years. The doctorate is geared towards intensive career preparation and hands-on experiences in the field of physical therapy. This program is ideal for doctoral students who are prepared for career advancement. What is makes this program easy to take is that each student can connect and interact with one faculty member and work on a one-on-one study plan. The credit hour program is delivered entirely online and is divided into nine three-credit courses and two four-credit courses.

Learning is much easier since the program is geared toward offering students with advanced knowledge and preparation while learning more about themselves and how they can contribute to the academic community. Students also may benefit from the student-to-faculty online ratio. Students can easily complete the program in two years or less.

The university offers PhD programs without GRE required, and opportunities to study abroad are also available. This completion program is ideal for those who were able to complete their coursework in the same field but need to work on their dissertation. What makes this program an easy one to take is that it does not focus on the completed dissertation as the university itself permits students to leave their ABD All But Dissertation status and still obtain a doctorate in education.

In 18 months, students can complete 27 to 54 credit hours of coursework and practical experience. Students can also complete their doctorate through comprehensive research, school administration, or policy analysis. The 33 to credit program curriculum is composed of 10 courses. Aside from this, students can also complete six foundation courses, depending on past educational experiences before taking up a doctorate.

Learning is easier because online students can take two courses every semester, with each semester lasting seven weeks. The DNP program is ideal for registered nurses who wish to take their careers and knowledge to the next level. Easy completion of the doctorate can be attributed to the fact that students have the option to earn a DNP in 12, 15, or 18 months.

Online classes consist of only 20 to 25 students. The MSN pathway requires 28 credit hours for completion. While most online, the doctorate program at Frontier Nursing University also features an interesting three-day-on-campus experience. The university received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. On a part-time basis, the DPT program can be easily completed in two years.

The Doctor of Social Work can be easily completed in two to three years through numerous specializations. The coursework can be accomplished with full-time pacing and students can access an open virtual community through the Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. As for the Global Executive Doctor of Education, students are given the opportunity to travel abroad for 25 months.

Six various specializations are offered to students for them to choose as majors, and these take three years or less to complete with full-time and part-time attendance options. The university has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. The coursework can be quickly completed in four week quarters a year, allowing students to take more courses within a short timeframe.

This Ed. It does not require residency, and all coursework and dissertation requirements can be completed online. Students also become part of cohort systems, exposing them to academic network opportunities. Health Sciences degree program. Students may specialize in International Education wherein they can master the principles of educational leadership and integrate multi-cultural global concerns into organizational settings.

In the D. Hybrid program, students can focus on education and curriculum enhancement, public health, evidence-based care delivery, and research. The flexible coursework allows for quick degree attainment in three years or less. Learning is easier for these two online doctorate programs since the goal of the university is to allow students to engage in an interactive online community, where there is an open exchange of ideas and creativity is given more significance. For the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program, nurses can easily adapt to changes in the healthcare industry due to intensive, yet enjoyable hands-on training.

As for the Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, students are prepared for an intensive career in the field of occupational therapy. This university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Adult and Lifelong Leadership online doctorate can be completed in 30 months, while the Educational Leadership doctorate can be completed in It provides numerous opportunities for online Ph.

The online DBA program features state-of-the-art online resources for convenient learning. It is ideal for veterans, working professionals, Department of Defense employees, as well as military service members and their families. The degree program can be completed in 24 months. This doctorate program is designed for working adults who already have a competitive edge in technology management. Degree completion takes two and a half years. The university takes pride in its strong online dissertation support and mentorship program.

The credit hour coursework can be completed in three years. Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona features accelerated online doctorate programs such as Ph. Learning is also easier because the credit coursework is delivered in eight-week terms.

Degree completion is 39 months. Online courses are flexible and are delivered in eight-week terms for speedy degree completion in three to four years. Students can readily coordinate with their online mentors for dissertation consultations towards the end of their third year.

The credit hour Ph. Choosing the correct type of degree for your field of business is very important and should reflect your career goals. The types of doctorate degrees that can be completed online include the following:. An important question is how to get a doctorate degree online? Before signing on to an easy online doctoral program, please be sure it will meet your career expectations.

For example, the shortest DNP program online may not be the one to best fit your needs. The fastest online DNP program may not either. The point is… you must do diligent research to find one that meets the requirements of your desired career goal. If you are going to the time and expense of earning a prestigious doctorate or Ph.

Capstone Project or DiP If you would like to tackle a specific problem in your workplace, then we recommend you consider Ed. The 3-year, cohort-based Ed. Your final product will be an "Action Research Dissertation" that's the culmination of a series of research projects conducted over the course of the program. You can use your LSC for support throughout the dissertation experience, which will take up almost all of your third year. The culminating project for UA's online Ed.

During the DiP, you'll be addressing an area of concern or problem of practice in the context of your professional work. For example, you might engage in research around college readiness, building capacity, turning around failing schools, social justice, or educational policy. The entire Ed. You'll begin planning for the DiP at the beginning of the program and use most of your third year to concentrate on completing it. All Ed. If you choose the capstone, you'll address a real-world education problem through an action research project, program development project, or product outcome project.

You might end up with a deliverable like a clinical research paper, school-based intervention, or policy document. If you opt for National's online, cohort-based Ed. In the first year, you'll be expected to explore a real-world problem of practice within your workplace and present your scope of study to the Chair.

In the second year, you'll come up with a proposal for an action research project and pass it by the doctoral committee. And in the third year, you'll gather data, analyze results, and report your findings. The entire degree can be completed in 3 years, but you have up to 7 years to get your project done. Format options for the DiP vary by concentration, but all doctoral students are required to get stuck into a problem of practice that impedes access to equitable educational opportunities and outcomes.

You'll be able to work on the DiP in your second and third years, in collaboration with Ed. CU Denver's hybrid Ed. It's available in multiple concentrations; it's cohort-based; it comes in a 3- or 5-year plan; and it contains a collaborative Dissertation in Practice DiP. You'll spend 15 credit hours working on your DiP, including time spent in doctoral seminars and design workshop experiences in the second fall semester.

Throughout the process, you'll have the support of Ed. SHU's practical online Ed. During the first two years, you'll be encouraged to select a problem of practice that tackles an area of leadership, teaching, or school reform and conduct a pilot study of the issue. We should also mention that UConn's doctorate is cohort-based.

That means you'll have the support of a team of like-minded students throughout the entire experience. DSU's Ed. No matter which concentration you choose K or Higher Education , you'll be expected to complete a capstone in your third year. This can take the form of a case study analysis, project study, or dissertation. After successfully defending your capstone, you'll be required to submit a professional portfolio that includes a record of field experiences, course assignments, and CAEP-approved assessments.

In addition, it's worth noting that the K concentration also includes an internship. The culminating capstone project for UD'S Ed. This credit project is split into three stages. By the end of your doctorate, you will have produced a Problem Statement, a Final Reflection Essay, and a number of useful Artifacts e. The final deliverable for your Ed.

And Higher Education Leadership students tackle an applied inquiry project. But you'll always be investigating a real-world problem of practice in your school, university, district, or workplace. Better yet, Ed. With fellow students in your cohort, you'll develop a proposal for problem of practice project that's focused on a real-world challenge.

In the case of AU, this may involve issues such as personal leadership, systemic change, social justice, antiracism, and policy. Most of the heavy DiP work will take place in the last two semesters of this 3-year, eight semester program. Capstone courses at Barry are typically split into two 6-credit seminars that are focused on field-based action learning opportunities and meaningful solutions to a problem of practice. At the end of this process, you'll have a real-world deliverable.

In the Ed. In the cohort-based Ed. Regardless of the concentration, you can expect to spend the majority of your final year working on your DiP. This 3-year, on-campus program is packed with interesting leadership courses and a 9-credit capstone that's split into three parts.

Part 3 deals with the outcomes, including the write-up and oral presentation. You'll emerge with a written dissertation of practice, executive report, and a professional portfolio. With NSU's Ed. The SRP consists of two 6-credit courses in your final year of study, after you've completed all other required credits.

In the first course, you'll identify a problem of practice in your workplace or partner organization. In this cohort-based, 4-year doctorate, you'll tackle an credit Dissertation in Practice DiP that functions as a capstone experience. All online students in this doctorate must attend summer on-campus experiences and visit UF for qualifying exams and their dissertation defense.

UM's online Ed. Instead of a traditional dissertation, students in this doctoral program work on a "Cumulative Project. But you can choose whether you wish to work with other students on a topic. And you can complete your project in a number of languages, including Spanish and Mandarin. At the end of the experience, you'll be expected to produce a series of useful artifacts - these can be in a written, digital, or multimedia format e.

UNF's Ed. You'll be required to identify a relevant problem of practice and use multiple frameworks to develop meaningful solutions. In recent years, UNF has also done away with the comprehensive exam and replaced it with a professional portfolio requirement. In this "no dissertation" scenario, you'll be challenged to address a problem of practice for a client, collaborate with a research team, and concentrate on real-world solutions e.

In the last semester of the second year, you'll begin preparing for the DiP by focusing on the research proposal. During the third year, you'll be expected to implement, report, and defend your research. Pick the concentration that best suits your goals! That means the dissertation in the cohort-based Ed.

For example, you can choose to focus on program evaluation, policy formation, organizational problem analysis, or even systems analysis. Check with the program coordinator to learn if similar Dissertation in Practice DiP opportunities are available for the Ed. So we feel confident in saying that this cohort-based, on-campus doctorate is built on firm ground!

In addition to completing a group consultancy project that benefits your community, you'll also be working on a Dissertation in Practice DiP that addresses a specific problem of practice. Most students used a practitioner-based, action research approach to address the issue.

DePaul's Ed. But the final end product can vary widely e. Governors State has a couple of Ed. In consultation with a faculty chair, you'll be allowed to choose a "topic of inquiry" for an applied research project in your concentration area. First you'll work on conducting a site assessment, preparing a prospectus, assembling a literature review, and crafting a proposal. As usual, you must defend your project and its findings in a final capstone defense.

ISU's hybrid Ed. You can choose a traditional research model or opt for dissertation in program evaluation, policy formation, or organizational problem analysis. To graduate, you'll need to pass a comprehensive exam and successfully defend your dissertation.

As a side note, ISU's Ed. Although most of NLU's education doctorates contain a dissertation element, the hybrid Ed. NLU provides an admirable amount of structure for this process in its 3-year program. You'll begin work on the capstone in the first year of study and take a series of courses that will help you achieve specific benchmarks e.

The capstone culminates with an oral defense. UIC's cohort-based Ed. In lieu of a traditional dissertation, Ed. Most students use their own schools, but you're welcome to focus on district-level issues. Allen's Ed. That means you'll be addressing a problem of practice that's focused on the intersection of education and healthcare.

Work on the capstone is spread over four courses; the first course kicks off in the fall semester of your final two years. You'll be working under the supervision of graduate faculty in a dissertation committee, including an expert in your chosen research topic. All of Drake's Ed. For your final 9-credit deliverable, you'll be able to select a traditional dissertation OR a capstone project. If you opt for the capstone, you'll able to design and complete a project that focuses on problem of practice within your own professional community.

You can finish a Drake doctorate in as little as three years. The last year or more will be completely devoted to your dissertation or capstone. One of them is the final capstone research project. In collaboration with students in your cohort, you'll be asked to address a problem in your workplace using applied research. You can expect to spend 16 semester hours on this process: 7 hours for the capstone and 9 hours for preparatory coursework in quantitative research, program evaluation, and action research in educational settings.

USM has gone for a combo structure. As a student in the Ed. The dissertation is an extended written work backed by hands-on research in documentary source materials and fieldwork experiences. The capstone takes the place of a comprehensive exam. For this project, you'll provide representative artifacts for each Ed.

Morehead's on-campus Ed. To that end, this doctorate contains at least 18 credit hours that are devoted to a final capstone project. In addition to working on standard capstone elements e. A Chair will serve as your advisor for the qualifying exam, capstone proposal, and project. Capstones can take the form of a book of improvement strategies, a report on practices, a new graduate-level course, an instructional tool or model, and more.

NKU's hybrid Ed. Students in this 3-year, cohort-based doctorate are called "Learning Associates" and given plenty of opportunities to collaborate with fellow PK educational leaders on projects. The DiP includes several assessment feedback loops before culminating in a dissertation defense. Spalding's 2. In addition to ten hybrid courses, you'll be expected to tackle a project that addresses a real-world leadership issue and complements Spalding's mission to "meet the needs of the times.

For a deliverable, you'll be required to write an article for a peer-reviewed journal that's based on your capstone topic. And it's part of the University Council for Educational Administration. So you can see why its Ed. To that end, this 3-year, cohort-based doctorate contains a credit capstone project.

This consists of a group project designed to integrate theories and tools learned throughout the program. However, you must pass an Ed. In this part-time, online doctorate, you'll be challenged to tackle an area of concern or outstanding issue in your realm of professional practice. During the first year, you'll examine the problem and its underlying causes. During the second year, you'll develop a potential solution e.

And during the third year, you'll evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. Your work will be presented at a final oral defense in front of the Dissertation Advisory Committee. If you opt for this 3-year, cohort-based program, you'll be able to take part in an apprenticeship, develop a professional portfolio that follows NELP standards, and work on a culminating capstone project. Your capstone topic should focus on improving - or even eliminating - a problem of practice within a school system.

Bay Path's online Ed. Depending on your previous educational experience, you can choose the standard credit program or the credit "All But Dissertation" ABD model. During the DIP, you'll use behavioral science knowledge and advanced research skills to address real organizational problems. You'll also discover how the outcomes of action research can lead to new planning or leadership objectives.

DiP collaboration is encouraged through Leader-Scholar Communities. Both doctoral programs are cohort-based, practice-oriented, and streamlined for professionals into a 3-year structure. But their final projects are a little different. The Executive Ed. BC often partners with outside institutions to come up with capstone assignments.

In contrast, the Ed. BU's part-time, cohort-based Ed. Working in a small team of students, you'll tackle a common problem of practice in your school or district. Nevertheless, your DiP will be grounded in data gathered in your own community. BU will help to match you with Ed. You'll also have the support of a Field Director and Ed. In this online Ed. Affirmative Action and Diversity in College Admissions. Faculty advisors are assigned to students at the start of the program, so you'll have guidance throughout the DiP process.

As a student in the 3-year education doctorate, you'll use the DiP to explore a critical issue in higher education leadership. Each student is provided with a primary advisor and a DiP committee. Andrews's online Doctor of Leadership is designed for mid-career leaders, so it makes sense that this program includes a work-related change project instead of a traditional dissertation. At the end of your doctorate, you must produce a written doctoral project, a professional portfolio, and a research-based article that's suitable for publication.

Organizational leaders who are looking for a Christian-based online Ed. In lieu of a dissertation, Cornerstone has opted for an Organizational Leadership and Development Project. This consists of a proposal course and a year of capstone work.

In consultation with a mentor, you'll be challenged to address a practical, real-world problem in your workplace or a relevant setting. If you enroll in this 3-year, cohort-based doctorate, you'll start defining a capstone proposal in your second year. All capstone projects at MSU are team-based, which means you have built-in support from fellow Ed. During your third year, you'll also have the guidance of a clinical coach and a separate faculty member.

In addition, you'll be expected to submit a portfolio of performance assessments aligned to MI Central Office Administrator Standards. Capella's flexible Online Ed. After you've completed all the required coursework, you'll be able to sink your teeth into six 4-credit capstone courses. As usual, you'll concentrate on using research to solve a problem within a specific organization.

In addition to a final report, you might be challenged to produce a research paper, program curriculum, change management plan, or a portfolio. All online doctoral students at Capella have access to capstone planning tools, a quantitative skills center, and academic advisors. Walden's online Ed. In addition to Ed. This project should be context-based within your chosen organizational setting and linked to social change e.

You must take 5 capstone credits per term for a minimum of 4 continuous terms in order to graduate. A host of Ed. Whether they're on-campus, hybrid, or online, all of these 3-year doctorates contain a Dissertation in Practice DiP instead of a traditional dissertation. Most of this work will take place in your third and final year, finishing with a dissertation defense. As a student in USM's online Ed.

The capstone is a credit, four-chapter project that can be completed over the course of the last four semesters. At the end of each semester, you'll be expected to produce various deliverables in order to proceed. ATSU takes a practical approach to the Ed. Instead of a traditional Ed. Upon completion, you'll have a professional manuscript that you can submit to a peer-reviewed journal. Better yet, you'll be paired with a faculty member who acts as both a DRP supervisor and mentor.

If you like collaboration, then SLU's 3-year "no dissertation" Ed. The curriculum includes a doctoral project that's designed to address a problem of practice. In the case of the Catholic concentration, this would be a challenge in Catholic educational leadership. During your third year, you'll work with a small team of students on this project. At the end of the experience, each member of the team prepares an individual report. It's worth noting that SLU's program also includes fieldwork.

For example, the Catholic education concentration has a practicum involving school-site leadership activities. This practitioner-focused doctorate is based on learning communities that are formed around a theme e. STEM Education. Once you're admitted to a community, you'll have the support of like-minded Ed. The culminating activities for the Ed.

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DiP/Capstone Project. Ed.D. programs with DiPs and capstone projects lead to the same degree as doctoral programs with traditional dissertations. An 18 month doctorate program without dissertation may be possible. How Does a Dissertation Work? Many dissertations require students to complete a research​. Finish your doctoral program faster without a Dissertation! Explore 50 doctorate degree online no dissertation programs: EdD, DBA, DNP, PhD.