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Purdue dissertation


A framework for the statistical analysis of mass spectrometry imaging experiments , Kyle Bemis. Perceval's sister and Juliet Capulet as disruptive guides in spiritual quests , Joanna Benskin. Improving the mechanistic study of neuromuscular diseases through the development of a fully wireless and implantable recording device , Rebecca A.

Learning the language of academic engineering: Sociocognitive writing in graduate students , Catherine G. Examining law enforcement officer job satisfaction and burnout through the lens of empowerment theory , Bruce A. Three essays in economics , James R. FEA methodology for system-level redundancy evaluation: Application to non-composite steel bridges , Francisco Javier Bonachera Martin. Sounding sacred: The adoption of biblical archaisms in the Book of Mormon and other 19th century texts , Gregory A.

Modeling for thermal resistance of non-O shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in ground beef , Jagpinder S. Three essays analyzing the role of social capital on individual and firm decision making , Ariana P Torres Bravo. Essays in experimental economics on contract design , Jacob A.

Grounding robot motion in natural language and visual perception , Scott Alan Bronikowski. Globalization and state: Factors contributing to the contemporary food security crisis , Christopher A. A unique perspective on the demand for livestock product attributes , Elizabeth S. Creativity in organizations: Antecedents and outcomes of individual creativity , Goran Calic. Combinatorial algorithms for perturbation theory and application on quantum computing , Yudong Cao.

A transfer network linking Earth, Moon, and the triangular libration point regions in the Earth-Moon system , Lucia R. Conceptual understanding of threshold concepts of electrical phenomena: Mental models of senior undergraduates in electrical engineering , Mark T.

Essays in international migration , Marcelo J. A study of security issues of mobile apps in the android platform using machine learning approaches , Lei Cen. Visual analytics of location-based social networks for decision support , Junghoon Chae. Supervised learning-based explicit nonlinear model predictive control and unknown input estimation in biomedical systems , Ankush Chakrabarty.

On the 3D point cloud for human-pose estimation , Kai-Chi Chan. Cosmic ray muons for spent nuclear fuel monitoring , Stylianos Chatzidakis. Functional and structural characterization of the mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase and the isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase from Enterococcus faecalis , Chun-Liang Chen. Investigating and expanding the functionality of RNA catalysts: Studies of the hepatitis delta virus, the hammerhead, and the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-like ribozymes , Ji Chen.

Physiological aspects of relative changes in nitrogen and plant density stress tolerances over a year period of US maize hybrid introductions , Keru Chen. Systemic risk in financial networks , Peng-Chu Chen. Impact of dietary modification on aflatoxicosis in poultry , Xi Chen. Local polynomial chaos expansion method for high dimensional stochastic differential equations , Yi Chen. The effects of chloride-based deicing chemicals on degradation of portland cement mortars with alkali reactive aggregate , Charles Yicheng Chiu.

A flexible and versatile framework for statistical design and analysis of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments , Meena Choi. Light localization in biological media , Seung Ho Choi. Development and evaluation of a watershed-scale hybrid hydrologic model , Younghyun Cho.

Data mining Twitter for cancer, diabetes, and asthma insights , Kimberly Chulis. Essays on health insurance , Amanda C. A descriptive case study: Investigating the implementation of web based, automated grading and tutorial software in a freshman computer literacy course , Glen J.

The role of African leafy vegetables in food security , Marcia M. If your selections need editing, contact us. The Processor of the ETAF will process your form once you've completed step 2 of the deposit process and complete the required survey s. All surveys will become available to complete on the candidate's Plan of Study portal during the semester in which they register as a candidate for graduation. Master's candidates need to complete the Graduate School Exit Questionnaire before their defense.

At this point, you will be able to log-in to your Plan of Study portal and find the link to submit your thesis to HammerRR. This process will continue until you have met a satisfactory formatting condition, after which, you will receive an email regarding the acceptance of your ETD to the Graduate School.

You must upload your thesis to HammerRR at least 24 hours in advance of the Deposit Deadline to allow our staff adequate time to review your submission. ETAF 9 must be approved by the 5pm deposit deadline. Publications Forms.

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